Lady Gaga将延迟专辑Chromatica的发行
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由于新冠病毒的爆发,Lady Gaga将延迟专辑Chromatica的发行。
Lady Gaga is delaying the release1 of her new album “Chromatica,” because of the coronavirus outbreak.
The artist made the announcement on her social media accounts.
“This is such a hectic2 and scary time for all of us, and while I believe art is one of the strongest things we have to provide joy and healing3 to each other during times like this, it just doesn’t feel right to me to release this album with all that’s is going on during this global pandemic,” she said.
The Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer has already postponed4 a dozen dates of her Las Vegas residency because of the outbreak.
“To my fans, I love you. I know you are disappointed. Probably angry and sad. But I also know that as a fan base … as a family … we are strong, we are loving and we are the kindness punks,” Gaga said.
“So I ask you to practice that kindness in these trying times.”
The singer said she’ll announce a new 2020 release date soon. The new album was originally scheduled to come out April 10.


1 release iVhxh     
  • After my examination I had a feeling of release.考完试后我有如释重负之感。
  • This medicine will give you release from pain.这药吃后会解除你的疼痛。
2 hectic jdZzk     
  • I spent a very hectic Sunday.我度过了一个忙乱的星期天。
  • The two days we spent there were enjoyable but hectic.我们在那里度过的两天愉快但闹哄哄的。
3 healing krTz1V     
n.康复,复原adj.有治疗功用的v.(使)愈合( heal的现在分词 );治愈;(使)结束;较容易忍受
  • miraculous powers of healing 神奇的治病能力
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4 postponed 9dc016075e0da542aaa70e9f01bf4ab1     
vt.& vi.延期,缓办,(使)延迟vt.把…放在次要地位;[语]把…放在后面(或句尾)vi.(疟疾等)延缓发作(或复发)
  • The trial was postponed indefinitely. 审讯无限期延迟。
  • The game has already been postponed three times. 这场比赛已经三度延期了。
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