Rising Renminbi boosts Hong Kong tour
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Chinanews, Guangzhou, Dec. 6 – As the US dollar exchange rate to Renminbi declines, Renminbi's value against Hong Kong dollar, which is pegged1 to the dollar, also rises. Renminbi's rising value has started to bring a positive effect on the Hong Kong tourism industry since many mainlanders are now considering a tour to Hong Kong. In Shenzhen and Dongguan, two cities in south China's Guangdong Province, the number of people registering for Hong Kong tour has increased a little bit recently.


Based on the recent exchange rate, a cosmetics2 product sold at 630 yuan in Hong Kong last year is now worth around 600 yuan. Last year, mainlanders might pay 10,657 yuan for every 10,000 Hong Kong dollars and now, it will save them 600-some yuan to exchange for the same amount. Because of this lower price of Hong Kong dollar, many people in the mainland want to travel to Hong Kong at this time.


Some travel agencies in Shenzhen also include shopping activities in their tour package. More and more people make calls to the travel agencies for information and the number of people registering for Hong Kong tours increase has by 20% over last year. Some travel agencies have started to offer a higher price for inbound tours and they might not lower the price of outbound tours until the exchange rate remain relatively3 stable, said these travel agencies.



1 pegged eb18fad4b804ac8ec6deaf528b06e18b     
v.用夹子或钉子固定( peg的过去式和过去分词 );使固定在某水平
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  • We sell a wide range of cosmetics at a very reasonable price. 我们以公道的价格出售各种化妆品。
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3 relatively bkqzS3     
  • The rabbit is a relatively recent introduction in Australia.兔子是相对较新引入澳大利亚的物种。
  • The operation was relatively painless.手术相对来说不痛。