中华人民共和国专利法 9
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第六十二条 侵犯专利权的诉讼时效为二年,自专利权人或者利害关系人得知或者应当得知侵权行为之日起计算。
Article 62. Prescription1 for instituting legal proceedings2 concerning the infringement3 of patent right is two years counted from the date on which the patentee or any interested party obtains or should have obtained knowledge of the infringing4 act.
Where no appropriate fee for exploitation of  the invention, subject of an application for patent for invention, is paid during the period from the publication of the application to the grant of patent  right, prescription for instituting legal proceedings by the patentee to demand the said fee is two years counted from the date on which the patentee obtains or should have obtained  knowledge of the exploitation of his invention by another person.
However, where the patentee has already obtained or should have obtained knowledge before the date of the grant of the patent right, the prescription shall be counted from the date of the grant.
第六十三条 有下列情形之一的,不视为侵犯专利权:
Article 63.   None of the following shall be deemed an infringement of the patent right:
(l) Where, after the sale of a patented product that was made or imported by the patentee or with the authorization5 of the patentee, or of a product that was directly obtained by using the patented process, any other person uses, offers to sell or sells that product;
(2) Where, before the date of filing of the application for patent, any person who has already made the identical product, used the identical process, or made necessary preparations for its making or using, continues to make or use it within the original scope only;
(3) Where any foreign means of transport which temporarily passes through the territory, territorial6 waters or territorial airspace of China uses the patent concerned, in accordance with any agreement concluded between the country to which the foreign means of transport belongs and China, or in accordance with any international treaty to which both countries are party, or on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, for its own needs, in its devices and installations;
(4) Where any person uses the patent concerned solely7 for the purposes of scientific research and experimentation8.
Any person who, for production and business purposes, uses or sells a patented product or a product that was directly obtained by using a patented process, without knowing that it was made and sold without the authorization of the patentee, shall not be liable to compensate9 for the damage of the patentee if he can  prove that he obtains the product from a legitimate10 source.
第六十四条 违反本法第二十条规定向外国申请专利,泄露国家秘密的,由所在单位或者上级主管机关给予行政处分;
Article 64. Where any person, in violation11 of the provisions of Article 20 of this Law, files in a foreign country an application for a patent that divulges12 an important secret of the State, he shall be subject to disciplinary sanction by the entity13 to which he belongs or by the competent authority concerned at the higher level.
Where a crime is established, the person concerned shall be prosecuted14 for his criminal liability according to the law.
第六十五条 侵夺发明人或者设计人的非职务发明创造专利申请权和本法规定的其他权益的,由所在单位或者上级主管机关给予行政处分。
Article 65.   Where any person usurps15 the right of an inventor or creator to apply for a patent for a non-service invention-creation, or usurps any other right or interest of an inventor or creator, prescribed by this Law, he shall be subject to disciplinary sanction by the entity to which he belongs or by the competent authority at the higher level.
第六十六条 管理专利工作的部门不得参与向社会推荐专利产品等经营活动。
Article 66.  The administrative16 authority for patent affairs may not take part in recommending any patented product for sale to the public or any such  commercial activities.
Where the administrative authority for patent affairs violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it shall be ordered by the authority at the next higher level or the supervisory authority to correct its mistakes and eliminate the bad effects.
有违法收入的予以没收; Where the circumstances are serious, the persons who are directly in charge and the other persons who are directly responsible shall be given disciplinary sanction in accordance with law.   
The illegal earnings17, if any, shall be confiscated18.
第六十七条 从事专利管理工作的国家机关工作人员以及其他有关国家机关工作人员玩忽职守、滥用职权、徇私舞弊,构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任;
Article 67.   Where any State functionary19 working for patent administration or  any other State functionary concerned neglects his duty, abuses his power, or engages in malpractice for personal gain, which constitutes a crime, shall be prosecuted for his criminal liability in accordance with law.
If the case is not serious enough to constitute a crime, he shall be given  disciplinary sanction in accordance with law.
第八章 附则
Chapter VIII   Supplementary Provisions
第六十八条 向国务院专利行政部门申请专利和办理其他手续,应当按照规定缴纳费用
Article 68.   Any application for a patent filed with, and any other proceedings before, the Patent Administration Department Under the State Council  shall be subject to the payment of a fee as prescribed.
第六十九条 本法自1985年4月1日起施行。
Article 69.    This Law shall enter into force on April l, 1985.


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