That's the Office You Have Now
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When I started my current job, I was assigned to a cubicle1 with a five-foot-high partition. Promoted in three monks2, I asked for a private office in line with my new title. My boss reluctantly told me that there were three possibilities. The first was a room that housed file cabinets and printers. Another was an office that was empty except when one of the company's founders3 visited. The third was a conference room.
After we had discussed each of the alternatives, he told me to make a choice. Deciding to play it safe, I replied, "I want the one that will make the least amount of trouble and affect the fewest people." A smile shot across his face, and he leaned backward in his chair. "That's the office you have now." He said.
我刚开始做我现在这份工作时,被安排在一个有着5英尺高隔板地隔间里。 3个月之后。 我得到了晋升。 于是我提出了一个请求,想要拥有一个和我的新职位相符的私人办公室。 老板不情愿地告诉我,我有3个选择:第一个是放文件柜和打印机的房间,第二个是一间空办公室,可是有的时候,公司的一个创办人会过来看看,最后一个便是会议室。
在我们商讨了每一种选择方案后。 他让我做出选择。 为了使做出的选择更为保险,我回答:“我想要一个将会带来最少麻烦、影响最少人的那个房间。”一丝微笑从他的脸上掠过。 接着他往椅背上一靠,说道:“那就是您现在地办公室。 ”他说。


1 cubicle POGzN     
  • She studies in a cubicle in the school library.她在学校图书馆的小自习室里学习。
  • A technical sergeant hunches in a cubicle.一位技术军士在一间小屋里弯腰坐着。
2 monks 218362e2c5f963a82756748713baf661     
n.修道士,僧侣( monk的名词复数 )
  • The monks lived a very ascetic life. 僧侣过着很清苦的生活。
  • He had been trained rigorously by the monks. 他接受过修道士的严格训练。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 founders 863257b2606659efe292a0bf3114782c     
n.创始人( founder的名词复数 )
  • He was one of the founders of the university's medical faculty. 他是该大学医学院的创建人之一。 来自辞典例句
  • The founders of our religion made this a cornerstone of morality. 我们宗教的创始人把这看作是道德的基石。 来自辞典例句
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