Maternal Miracles
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A woman went to her doctor's office where she was seen by a young new doctor.
After about four minutes in the examination room, the doctor told her she was pregnant1.
She burst out screaming and ran down the hallway.
An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was. She told him her story.
After listening, he had her sit down and relax in another room. The doctor marched down the hallway to the first doctor and demanded:
"What's the matter with you? Mrs. Smith is 59 years old, has four grown children, seven grandchildren and you told her she was pregnant?!"
The new doctor continued writing on his clipboard and without looking up said,
"Does she still have the hiccups2?"


1 pregnant IP3xP     
  • She is a pregnant woman.她是一名孕妇。
  • She is pregnant with her first child.她怀了第一胎。
2 hiccups 676e0be2b57aa5ea33888ece0384a16f     
n.嗝( hiccup的名词复数 );连续地打嗝;暂时性的小问题;短暂的停顿v.嗝( hiccup的第三人称单数 );连续地打嗝;暂时性的小问题;短暂的停顿
  • I cannot find a rhyme to "hiccups". 我不能找到和hiccups同韵的词。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Can we rhyme 'hiccups'with 'pick-ups'? 我们能把‘hiccups’同‘pick-ups’放在一起押韵吗? 来自辞典例句
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