April Showers Bring May Flowers
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From the golden-tipped fields of mid-west America to the ancient kingdoms of verdant1(青翠的) Palestine, there is a happy truth to be shared with all who would take heed2. In more recent times, this truth has been expressed as: April showers bring May flowers. This is a truth that promises light bursting from darkness, strength born from weakness and, if one dares to believe, life emerging from death.

Farmers all over the world know the importance and immutability3(不变,永恒性) of the seasons. They know that there is a season to plant and a season to harvest; everything must be done in its own time. Although the rain pours down with the utmost(极度的) relentlessness4, ceasing all outdoor activities, the man of the field lifts his face to the heavens and smiles. Despite the inconvenience, he knows that the rain provides the nourishment5 his crops need to grow and flourish. The torrential rains(暴雨) in the month of April, give rise to the glorious flowers in the month of May.

But this ancient truth applies to more than the crops of the fields; it is an invaluable6 message of hope to all who experience tragedy in life. A dashed relationship with one can open up the door to a brand new friendship with another. A lost job here can provide the opportunity for a better job there. A broken dream can become the foundation of a wonderful future. Everything has its place.

Remember this: overwhelming(压倒性的) darkness may endure for a night, but it will never overcome the radiant(光芒四射的) light of the morning. When you are in a season of sorrow, hang in there, because a season of joy may be just around the corner…


1 verdant SihwM     
  • Children are playing on the verdant lawn.孩子们在绿茵茵的草坪上嬉戏玩耍。
  • The verdant mountain forest turns red gradually in the autumn wind.苍翠的山林在秋风中渐渐变红了。
2 heed ldQzi     
  • You must take heed of what he has told.你要注意他所告诉的事。
  • For the first time he had to pay heed to his appearance.这是他第一次非得注意自己的外表不可了。
3 immutability Camx4     
  • Farmers all over the globe knowinging the importance and immutability the seasons. 全全地球的农民们都明白季节的很重要性和永恒性。
  • The immutability of God is a strong ground of consolation and encourages hope and confidence. 上帝的不变性乃是我们安慰的坚固根基,鼓励我们充满著盼望,信心。
4 relentlessness b67e027f1b3c6cbe4342112bab4c6854     
  • Scully: are in the basement because they are afraid of you of your relentlessness. 史考莉:你在地下室是因为他们怕你,怕你的义无反顾。
  • Although the rain pours the utmost relentlessness, ceasing all outdoor activities, the manthethe heavens and smiles. 尽管无休止的倾盆大雨迫使所有户外劳作停止,但农民会为此兴奋不已。
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6 invaluable s4qxe     
  • A computer would have been invaluable for this job.一台计算机对这个工作的作用会是无法估计的。
  • This information was invaluable to him.这个消息对他来说是非常宝贵的。
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