Ten Ways to Cheer Up 十种为自己鼓劲的方法
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Feeling a little blue? Here are ten fast and easy ways to smile.

1. Exercise 运动
When you exercise, your brain releases1 a chemical called endorphins. This chemical makes you feel happier. That is just another reason why exercise is good for you.

2. Play outside 外出游玩
Leave your apartment and go outside. Sun and fresh air are good for you.

3. Breathe 呼吸
If you can’t go to the gym, try taking deep breaths2. Breathing deeply3 will relax your muscles4 and give you energy.

4. Play Pop Music 演奏流行音乐
Westlife, Backstreet Boys, S.H.E…who doesn’t like a little mindless pop? Listening to upbeat, happy music will make you smile. Singing along won’t hurt either.

5. Laughter5 is the best medicine 开怀大笑是一剂良药
Laughing is the best way to improve your mood. Children laugh around 400 times a day. Adults only laugh about 20 times a day. What happened? Be a kid for a day: play games, watch funny movies, or read jokes online.

6. Power of Chocolate 巧克力的力量
Chocolate has special natural chemicals that make you happy. Plus, it tastes so good!

7. Draw 画画
Be an artist! Draw, paint, or make something. Even if it is not perfect, being creative relieves6 stress.

8. Get a dog 养一条小狗
Dogs are cute, energetic7, and fun. Plus, studies show that people with pets live longer and people with dogs live the longest!

9. Have a Heart-to-Heart 促膝谈心
If something is bothering you, it is a good idea to talk about it. Call a friend or relative. A good chat is great way to feel better fast.

10. Think positive 积极乐观地考虑问题
Close your eyes and think of a beautiful scene or a time when you were happy and feeling good.


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