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When I was a little child, my grandpa always sat next to me and told some stories about the legendary1 of Hakka. I was very interested in these kinds of stories and learned a lot from that. Until then, I started to know I'm a Hakka and also felt proud to be a Hakka.
Hakka, we call it "KeJia" in Chinese, which means "guest family". When I first heard this word, I felt very confused why we are called guests, are we guests coming from other place? I finally got the answer from my grandpa. He told me sincerely and earnestly that, we, Hakka are the people who emigrated from the north of China in Jin Dynasty. The flooding, grasshopper2(蝗虫) plaques3, droughts, famines and war drove our ancestors move to the south in China. Throughout the whole period, they suffered a lot and finally settled here.
According to this, I felt Hakka is really a great ethnic4 group. But for their perseverance5, hard-working, how could they still exist in the most adverse6 environment. It is so surprising!
As I gradually grew up, my admiration7 to this culture increased, my understanding of Hakka was not merely from the little words of my grandpa, but from what I have heard and what I have seen.
When referring to the culture of Hakka, the first thing you will think about is their dialect. Because our ancestor came from different places in the north of China, moreover, when they settled here, their dialects more or less mixed with the dialects of native people, they created so many dialects. I felt intensely about this point. When I was in my middle class, all my classmates are Hakka, who were just from different villages and towns, but the dialects of them were different from each other. Now, you can imagine what a showplace(剧院,名胜) of dialects it was!
Then I want to tell you another treasury9 of the culture. Let's begin it with a true story. It sounds interesting. In the sixties of last century, when a foreign reconnaissance satellites flew throw the Fujian province, it took a picture of a building of cylindraceous structure which was once mistaken by a launching base for rockets. Until an old couple walked into it, the riddle10 was finally undone11. That was the round building of Hakka. From then on, Hakka people can show their own culture to the world. It is Hakka's time!
The round building is usually 3 to 4 stories tall with a large inner open space (single ring) or double rings. Why is it so big---that's another cultural reflection . Because of  the historic reason, Hakka people don't want to be apart any more. They always live in big family, and usually with several generations. As for this point, I feel more deeply, especially, when it comes to the end of a year, the Spring Festival. Because at that time, I will go home and enjoy new year with all my relatives. To show my respect and love, I must call them (it's also a tradition), that's so hard for me, "Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle…" This often lasts for more than 5 minutes. But, on the other hand, I really admire the warm and fragrance12 feeling with all my relatives!   
Above are the cultures that I have heard and seen, it's only a corner of a whole thing. But just from that I can feel the deep and proud of our culture!
Now, from the mere8 surprise and then the admiration, I started to be proud to be a Hakka and feel delighted here to introduce our culture to you. The holding of the "World Hakka Fair" in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, the construction of the "Hakka Town" in Ganxian, all the Hakka people are making an effort to spread the culture. I should also do something. Because, for us, it is Hakka's moment!


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  • Legendary stories are passed down from parents to children.传奇故事是由父母传给孩子们的。
  • Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero.奥狄修斯是传说中的希腊英雄。
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3 plaques cc23efd076b2c24f7ab7a88b7c458b4f     
(纪念性的)匾牌( plaque的名词复数 ); 纪念匾; 牙斑; 空斑
  • Primary plaques were detectable in 16 to 20 hours. 在16到20小时内可查出原发溶斑。
  • The gondoliers wore green and white livery and silver plaques on their chests. 船夫们穿着白绿两色的制服,胸前别着银质徽章。
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  • This music would sound more ethnic if you played it in steel drums.如果你用钢鼓演奏,这首乐曲将更具民族特色。
  • The plan is likely only to aggravate ethnic frictions.这一方案很有可能只会加剧种族冲突。
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