sudden wealth syndrome 暴富综合症
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前段时间到处热议的3.5亿元彩票得主不知道让多少人羡慕得红了眼。前两年在股市一夜暴富的人也曾一度被很多人嫉妒。谁叫人家运气好呢?周围人的态度咱们先不说,单是这巨额奖金得主本人的反应其实就挺让人好奇的。据说很多暴富的人都多少有些sudden wealth syndrome1呢,你听说过吗?

We have seen increasing numbers of people with a cluster of issues and symptoms associated with the stress and anxiety of sudden success or wealth. We have coined the term "Sudden Wealth Syndrome" to describe their shared psychological issues.


The "wealth" part of sudden wealth syndrome has normally been associated with the riches accumulated from dot-com IPOs and the rapid rise of the Nasdaq stock market in the late 90s. However, it also applies to lottery2 winners, estate heirs, and people whose get-rich-quick schemes actually worked.


Signs of sudden wealth syndrome:

 You feel uncomfortably different from your friends and you're afraid to tell them how you feel about your new status.

 Being wealthy makes for more guilt3 than pleasure.

 Instead of feeling powerful and decisive, you feel paralyzed and unable to decide how to spend your money.

 You can't stand the envy of friends and acquaintances -- you find yourself becoming more isolated4.

 You feel like you don't quite deserve the money and you can't believe it's really yours.

 You're afraid that you'll lose your money and your good fortune will simply vanish overnight.


 你觉得自己和身边的朋友们不一样,这让你很不自在。但是你又不敢跟朋友们说你对自己这个新身份的感觉。

 财富让你的内疚感大于快乐。

 你并没有因为这笔财富而变得强势或有主见,相反,你觉得很矛盾,不知道该怎么花钱。

 你受不了周围朋友和熟人对你的嫉妒,你发现自己慢慢被孤立了。

 你觉得你不配得到这笔钱,而且不相信这钱真的就是你的了。

 你害怕你的财富会在一夜之间消失不见。

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