Desk rage 桌怒
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Desk rage refers to the peak of office employee stress levels which ultimately starts with the screaming of vulgar language within the workplace. It can often times lead to assaulting fellow employees, abusing office equipment and/or stealing of company property, abusing sick days and ultimately poor production at work. A possible side effect is that the employee continues to take out his or her rage at their residence in the form of kicking small animals and drinking heavily. “桌怒”指办公室职员在压力到达一定极限后开始在办公室大声谩骂、出口成“脏”的情况。有时候,“桌怒”会发展成同事间的身体伤害、破坏办公设备或者盗窃公司财物、滥用病假以及最终导致工作效率低下等一系列后果。“桌怒”可能带来的另一个后果是,该职员回家后继续撒气,可能会踢小动物或者酗酒来出气。 For example: You may avoid road rage on the way to the office. But once you arrive, you have to beware of... desk rage. 上班路上你可能会躲过“路怒”。可是到了办公室,你就得小心“桌怒”了。

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