work martyrs 职场先烈
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There's at least one in every office - someone who never uses his or her vacation time, always stays late, and always comes in, even when sick and coughing. Their bosses might claim they're model employees, but colleagues might instead call them work martyrs2 and wish that they'd knock it off.
The earliest evidence of work martyr1 is from a 2007 San Antonio Express-News review of the business book New Girl on the Job, by Hannah Seligson. The review includes several tips from the book, among them the following: "Don't become a work martyr. If you are always the one 'martyring,' it's time for a reality check. It's fine to stay late if everyone else is staying to finish a project, but if you're there every night and everyone else leaves hours before you, it's time to go home."
“职场先烈”一词最早出现在2007年《圣安东尼奥快报》上的一篇商业书评,那本书名叫《职场新人》,作者是汉娜· 塞林格森。评论中提到了书中的几点建议,其中有一条:“不要做职场先烈。如果你一直是那个充当先烈的人,那么是时候反省一下了。如果为了完成一个项目大家都留下来加班,那没问题,但如果你每天晚上都加班到很晚,而办公室其他人几个小时之前就已经下班离开,那你也应该回家了。”


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  • The martyr laid down his life for the cause of national independence.这位烈士是为了民族独立的事业而献身的。
  • The newspaper carried the martyr's photo framed in black.报上登载了框有黑边的烈士遗像。
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n.martyr的复数形式;烈士( martyr的名词复数 );殉道者;殉教者;乞怜者(向人诉苦以博取同情)
  • the early Christian martyrs 早期基督教殉道者
  • They paid their respects to the revolutionary martyrs. 他们向革命烈士致哀。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
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