Bill, Bingo and Bram 1
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Bill was a retired1, life long bachelor. He lived alone in the small terraced house(连栋房屋) next door but two from us. On a number of occasions, I visited Bill's house, and it seemed that it hadn't really changed much from the 50s. There were hints that some articles had been undisturbed apart from the occasional silverfish or visiting woodlouse, since the 1930s.

He had a picture of a dog in the small converted kitchen which housed his huge solid pillowed chair, newspapers protruding2 from beneath its seat cushion. It was among one or two other small photos. On closer examination these were:

A grey snap of seventeen year old Bill, grey in flat cap, sitting on grey grass with a winsome3(迷人的,可爱的) girl wearing her hair in grey bangs, and a cloche hat.

A brown photo of a young boy in Edwardian dress, his head tilted4 back slightly, despite his stiff collar, with a too-small school cap perched(栖息) on his head. Bill said it was him, but it looked like another person altogether.

Almost forgotten amid the clutter5 of pipe cleaners, matches, spills, bits of wire, tea coupons6 and old Yale keys was a very small dark photo of a black mongrel(杂种,混血) dog, lying in a back yard. A white stripe down its nose and in between its ears was one of the few ways it was distinguishable from the background gloom.

This was Bram, Bill told me, his dog.

"Or my brother Frank's dog, if everyone had their own."

Through the years, my family had a total of four dogs. We actually had no photographs whatever of the first two.

Yogi had departed before I could really remember him.

Rex was next - My only memory of him was drawing on him in biro(圆珠笔) when I ran out of paper. He loved it.

Rusty7 ran away never to be seen again, and Benny - well, he deserves a story of his own.


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  • The old man retired to the country for rest.这位老人下乡休息去了。
  • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby.许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。
2 protruding e7480908ef1e5355b3418870e3d0812f     
v.(使某物)伸出,(使某物)突出( protrude的现在分词 );凸
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v. 倾斜的
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