How kangaroo got his tail (I)
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A long time ago, some animals looked different to the way they look now. Kangaroos had no tails and wombats2 had high, round heads.

Mirram the Kangaroo and Warreen the Wombat1 were good friends. They lived together in a hut that Warreen had built from tree bark. They liked being with each other, but Mirram liked to sleep outside at night and he made fun of Warreen who always wanted to sleep inside.   

"Come, Warreen, sleep outside with me" said Mirram. "It's much better to look up at the stars at night and listen to the fresh wind in the trees."

"It's too cold outside" snuffled Warreen, "and sometimes it rains. I might get wet! I like sleeping in my hut with a nice fire to keep me warm."

Mirram the Kangaroo would not accept this. "Your bark hut is dark and smelly. It is much better to sleep out in the clean air under the bright stars!"

"No, thank you" said Warreen. "I will stay in my hut where I am comfortable." 

Mirram was impatient. "You are too scared to sleep outside with me. You are frightened to feel a little wind."

"I'm not frightened" snuffled Warreen. "I just like sleeping in my bark hut!"

Mirram kept on taunting3 Warreen, until one night the wombat agreed to sleep outside. During the night he got really cold and waddled4 back inside the hut. Kangaroo laughed at him.

All summer they played together as friends, but Mirram sometimes still made fun of Warreen's hut.

Things changed when winter came. The wind became colder at night while Mirram slept outside. At first he didn't mind. He snuggled up to a tree to protect himself, and laughed at the thought of Warreen in his smelly hut. "Wombat would not brave the wind like me" he said to himself. 

The wind became stronger and colder. Mirram curled himself into a tight ball, hugging his tree. He told himself that the wind couldn't hurt him - he wasn't afraid. When it began to rain, he muttered5 "a little wind and rain won't hurt me. I'm not afraid." 


1 wombat RMvzA     
  • Wombat wanted to wiggle along the ground.袋熊想在地面上扭动前进。
  • A wombat stops in front a ranger's vehicle.袋熊停在护林员的车辆前面。
2 wombats 74e1cb6be517822bbb07989f7280c4a6     
n.袋熊( wombat的名词复数 )
  • The Wombats:Not big difference. 袋熊:没有很大的区别。 来自互联网
  • Wombats wanted to wiggle along the ground. 袋熊想在地面上扭动前进。 来自互联网
3 taunting ee4ff0e688e8f3c053c7fbb58609ef58     
嘲讽( taunt的现在分词 ); 嘲弄; 辱骂; 奚落
  • She wagged a finger under his nose in a taunting gesture. 她当着他的面嘲弄地摇晃着手指。
  • His taunting inclination subdued for a moment by the old man's grief and wildness. 老人的悲伤和狂乱使他那嘲弄的意图暂时收敛起来。
4 waddled c1cfb61097c12b4812327074b8bc801d     
v.(像鸭子一样)摇摇摆摆地走( waddle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • A family of ducks waddled along the river bank. 一群鸭子沿河岸摇摇摆摆地走。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The stout old man waddled across the road. 那肥胖的老人一跩一跩地穿过马路。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
5 muttered 2764630c23cae6a012e2a09fc41abbd2     
轻声低语,咕哝地抱怨( mutter的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He muttered a curse at the other driver. 他低声咒骂另一位开车的人。
  • She turned away and muttered something unintelligible. 她转向一旁,嘴里不知咕哝些什么。
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