Health: Swine Flu 健康:猪流感
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The global pandemic that is Influenza1 H1N1, more commonly known as swine flu, continues its rapid and virulent2 spread. The World Health Organisation3 reported the number of infected people to have reached 9,830 across 40 countries.

The virus, which is thought to have originated in Mexico, has now spread as far south as Australia and as far east as Japan. With over 170 reported cases, Japan has one of the highest instances of infection in Asia.

In response, Japan, like many other badly infected regions, has tried to contain any further spread of the virus. One measure taken has been the temporary closure of 4,000 schools, colleges and nurseries in and around Hyogo and Osaka.

Students have been advised to stay at home until further notice but a few restless individuals have found a more entertaining and musical way to spend their new-found free time.

It appears some Japanese students are not spending their time worrying about the virus, but spending it practising their singing instead.

In fact, a few karaoke club owners in Japan have reported record numbers of customers. One club manager told the AFP news agency: "We suddenly had a number of high school students after 2pm yesterday, right after the announcement that schools would close for a week."

Neither students nor club owners appear overly worried about the virus. So just how concerned should they be?

Well, according to a recent statement from Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization:

"With the exception of the outbreak in Mexico, which is still not fully4 understood, the H1N1 virus tends to cause very mild illness in otherwise healthy people. Outside Mexico, nearly all cases of illness, and all deaths, have been detected in people with underlying5 chronic6 conditions."


1 influenza J4NyD     
  • They took steps to prevent the spread of influenza.他们采取措施
  • Influenza is an infectious disease.流感是一种传染病。
2 virulent 1HtyK     
  • She is very virulent about her former employer.她对她过去的老板恨之入骨。
  • I stood up for her despite the virulent criticism.尽管她遭到恶毒的批评,我还是维护她。
3 organisation organisation     
  • The method of his organisation work is worth commending.他的组织工作的方法值得称道。
  • His application for membership of the organisation was rejected.他想要加入该组织的申请遭到了拒绝。
4 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
5 underlying 5fyz8c     
  • The underlying theme of the novel is very serious.小说隐含的主题是十分严肃的。
  • This word has its underlying meaning.这个单词有它潜在的含义。
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