How to Write a Friendly Letter
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MARGIN1: 0cm 72pt 0pt 0cm; TEXT-ALIGN: center; tab-stops: 216.0pt 396.0pt" align="center">How to Write a Friendly Letter

The heading should be 1/2 to 2/3 distance from the left margin

Left Margin

Right Margin







                                                                                                534 Kipling Avenue


                                                                                                Boston, Massachusetts 64525


                                                                                                September 19, 1950



Dear Anne,

In a friendly letter, paragraphs are indented3.  If typing the letter, indent2 five spaces.  The first paragraph usually contains some kind of greeting as well as a reference to the receiver's last letter, telephone call, etc.  For example:



     Salutations!  I trust this letter still finds you doing well.  I was so happy to have received your last letter.  Thanks so much for writing.  How's your dog, Harvey, doing?  Have you taught him any new tricks?

The next paragraph (or paragraphs) should express the purpose of your letter and might contain answers to which the receiver previously4 asked.  Your letter might also contain information about you, your family, your friends, various activities, and/or any events that have taken place since you wrote last. You may want to place an invitation for a visit here, and you may want to thank the person for something, such as a gift, a kind word, etc.  For example:


      I have something I want to share with you.  We have a kitten!  Her name is Mittens5 and she sleeps with me at the foot of my bed.  Dad doesn't care much for cats, but Mom and I think she's just darling.  I hold her often and she cuddles around my neck and purrs.  I often play with her and she wants to follow me everywhere I go.

The last paragraph sums up the topic of your letter and asks the reader to reply.


      Aren't pets fun?  I just love my kitty.  I'm looking forward to your next letter.









[Sign your name underneath]




Especially when typing, but even when writing it is a good practice to have margins6 of at least 1/2 inch on all four sides of your letter: top, bottom, right, and left.  The following is a sample of a real friendly letter:


                                                                                    Tianjin Foreign Languages High School

                                                                                    11 Nankou Lu, Hebei District

                                                                                    Tianjin  300230

                                                                                    PR China


June 3, 2002


Dear Dad,


         How are you?  I trust you are well.  Are you putting in a garden this year?

         We seem to be fine here, except for the occasional cold.  I just got over one.  I think it was one of the worst colds I've had in a while.  I'd rather have a cold, though, than have the pukes.

         This past weekend we went to Badaling and climbed the great wall.  It was the second time for me, but the first time for Patrick.  He was so excited.  He waited and waited for that moment of being able to see and finally to stand on that long, stone dragon.  I again looked out from between its turrets7 across the vast, northern, mountain range.  This time however, I didn't experience the sad, melancholy8 feelings that I have felt before.  Instead, this time, I longed for the mountains, and to be with the people who live there.  Here and there, small, traditional Chinese homes still dot the hollows of those hills.  In the valleys below stretch fields of wheat, corn, and vegetables mingled9 with fishponds and herds10 of sheep and goats.  The mountains have very few trees, as the sides are so steep and rocky.  Cedars11 struggle for survival there, but the mountains' main garment is a kind of sagebrush.  I guess I'll never get the mountains out of my heart.  No matter where I go or what I do.  I think of them and the people who dwell there.  The Chinese have a saying, "Falling leaves always return to their roots."  I believe my roots are in the mountains, but as of yet, I've had no opportunity to return there.

         I've seen pictures of Inner Mongolia.  There are beautiful pasture fields there with clear running streams and hills covered with trees and forests.  Nomads12 tend flocks of sheep and goats on horseback and live as they have for thousands of years.  When I see this kind of countryside, I am reminded of life back home on the mountains, especially my childhood.

         I often think of the horses we had and all the fun we enjoyed with them.  I can almost feel the cool air as it rushes past me in my memory.  The horse and I are racing13 across the long, green fields and we are laughing together all the way.  I am reminded of how someone said God made the horse.  They said He picked up some dirt, blew it into the air, and there stood the horse.  Do you know what else I miss?  I miss having a horse.  There's something special about a horse.  I still remember how my horse, Juno, would follow me around and rub his head on my shoulder.  Sometimes I would lay on his back while he grazed in the yard.

         There are many kinds of work that we did as children, which I hated at the time, like pulling weeds, hilling potatoes, splitting wood, and fixing fence.  Now, I miss those things, and have realized too late that those are some of the best and most enjoyable kinds of work that a man can do.  I have sat in my little office at the big bank and have suddenly remembered the fragrance14 of fresh-cut maple15, the crack of the splitting mall, the feeling of fresh, cool, soft, garden dirt, and the brilliant rays of golden sunshine piercing through the forest canopy16.

         Now, I stand each day before many classes of Chinese children.  I watch their lovely faces closely.  Each one is so precious.  Each one is so unique.  And as I stand before them I realize the great responsibility that I have, because they watch me closely, too.  How I do and how I say will shape their thinking about many things; such as about myself, about America, about the world, even about God.  I sometimes shudder17 at the thought of it.  I want to be a careful teacher and a good ambassador, causing no disappointment in any way.

         And Dad…just one more thing.  If you go fishing, please catch one for me.



                                                                                    With love from your son,








1 margin 67Mzp     
  • We allowed a margin of 20 minutes in catching the train.我们有20分钟的余地赶火车。
  • The village is situated at the margin of a forest.村子位于森林的边缘。
2 indent indent     
  • A firm order is often called an indent.确定的订单常称作订货单。
  • Bid will be evaluated strictly in accordance with the indent specifications.投标将按照订货单的技术条件严格评估。
3 indented bqKz7f     
  • His voyage was down Chile's indented coastline.他的航行沿智利参差曲折的海岸线行进。
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4 previously bkzzzC     
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
5 mittens 258752c6b0652a69c52ceed3c65dbf00     
  • Cotton mittens will prevent the baby from scratching his own face. 棉的连指手套使婴儿不会抓伤自己的脸。
  • I'd fisted my hands inside their mittens to keep the fingers warm. 我在手套中握拳头来保暖手指。
6 margins 18cef75be8bf936fbf6be827537c8585     
边( margin的名词复数 ); 利润; 页边空白; 差数
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  • To create more space between the navigation items, add left and right margins to the links. 在每个项目间留更多的空隙,加左或者右的margins来定义链接。
7 turrets 62429b8037b86b445f45d2a4b5ed714f     
(六角)转台( turret的名词复数 ); (战舰和坦克等上的)转动炮塔; (摄影机等上的)镜头转台; (旧时攻城用的)塔车
  • The Northampton's three turrets thundered out white smoke and pale fire. “诺思安普敦号”三座炮塔轰隆隆地冒出白烟和淡淡的火光。
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混合,混入( mingle的过去式和过去分词 ); 混进,与…交往[联系]
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  • The man and the woman mingled as everyone started to relax. 当大家开始放松的时候,这一男一女就开始交往了。
10 herds 0a162615f6eafc3312659a54a8cdac0f     
兽群( herd的名词复数 ); 牧群; 人群; 群众
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雪松,西洋杉( cedar的名词复数 )
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