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1 动词 “fall” 可以表示 “掉落,落下”。
In the autumn, the leaves start to fall.
The book fell off the shelf.
* 在美式英语中,名词 “fall” 可以用来指 “autumn(秋天,秋季)”。 
2 动词 “fall” 可以表示 “跌倒,摔倒”。
When learning to walk, toddlers fall a lot.
The floor was so slippery that they both fell over. 
3 与上面的动词相对应,名词 “fall” 可以表示 “倒下,摔跤”。
When learning to walk, toddlers fall a lot but they're usually not bad falls.
His back was badly injured from the fall.
4 动词 “fall” 可以表示 “(大小、数量或力量)减少、降低”。
No one knows why the house prices have fallen.
The temperature fell below zero last night.
5 与上面的动词相对应,名词 “fall” 可以表示 “(大小、数量或力量)减少、降低的事实”。
There has been a fall in house prices recently.
There's been a dramatic fall in the size of the rainforest.
6 动词 “fall” 还可以用来谈论 “变成(某种状态)”。
She fell asleep during the concert.
The crowd fell silent after his speech.

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