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Diving blue whales can dive for anything up to(多到,达) 15 minutes. However, Bob Shadwick from the University of British Columbia, Canada, explains that blue whales may be able to dive for longer, because of the colossal1(巨大的,异常的) oxygen supplies they could carry in their blood and muscles, so why don't they? 'The theory was that what they are doing under water must use a lot of energy,' says Shadwick. Explaining that the whales feed by lunging repeatedly through deep shoals(浅滩,沙洲) of krill(磷虾) , engulfing3 their own body weight in water before filtering out the nutritious4 crustaceans5(甲壳类) , Shadwick says, 'It was thought that the huge drag effect when they feed and reaccelerate this gigantic body must be the cost'. However, measuring the energetics of blue whale lunges at depth seemed almost impossible until Shadwick and his student Jeremy Goldbogen got chatting to John Hildebrand, John Calambokidis, Erin Oleson and Greg Schorr who were skilfully6 attaching hydrophones(水诊器) , pressure sensors7 and two-axis accelerometers to the elusive8 animals. Shadwick and Goldbogen realised that they could use Calambokidis's measurements to calculate the energetic cost of blue whale lunges. They publish their discovery that blue whales swallow almost 2,000,000kJ (almost 480,000kcalories) in a mouthful of krill, and take in 90 times as much energy as they burn during a single dive in The Journal of Experimental Biology at http://jeb.biologists.org. Analysing the behaviour of each whale, Goldbogen saw that dives lasted between 3.1 and 15.2 minutes and a whale could lunge as many as 6 times during a single dive. Having found previously9 that he could correlate the acoustic10(声学的,音响的) noise of the water swishing past the hydrophone with the speed at which a whale was moving, Goldbogen calculated the blue whales' speeds as they lunged repeatedly during each dive. Next the team had to calculate the forces exerted on the whales as they accelerated their colossal mouthful of water. Noticing that the whales' mouths inflated11 almost like a parachute(降落伞) as they engulfed12 the krill, Goldbogen tracked down parachute aerodynamics(气体力学) expert Jean Potvin to help them build a mathematical model to calculate the forces acting13 on the whales as they lunged. With Potvin on the team, they were able to calculate that the whales used between 3226 kJ of energy during each lunge. But how did this compare with the amount of energy that the whales could extract from each gigantic mouthful of krill?

Goldbogen estimated the volume of the whales' mouths by searching the whaling literature for morphological(形态学的) data and teamed up with paleontologist Nick Pyenson to measure the size of blue whale jaw14 bones in several natural history museums. He also obtained krill density15 values from the literature – which are probably on the low side. Then he calculated the volume of water and amount of krill that a whale could engulf2 and found that the whales could consume anything from 34,776kJ up to an unprecedented16 1,912,680kJ from a single mouthful of krill, providing as much as 240 times as much energy as the animals used in a single lunge. And when the team calculated the amount of energy that a whale could take on board during a dive, they found that each foraging17 dive could provide 90 times as much energy as they used.

Shadwick admits that he was initially18 surprised that the whales' foraging(觅食) dives were so efficient. 'We went over the numbers a lot,' he remembers, but then he and Goldbogen realised that the whales' immense efficiency makes sense. 'The key to this is the size factor because they can engulf such a large volume with so much food in it that it really pays off,' says Shadwick.


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  • There has been a colossal waste of public money.一直存在巨大的公款浪费。
  • Some of the tall buildings in that city are colossal.那座城市里的一些高层建筑很庞大。
2 engulf GPgzD     
  • Floodwaters engulf a housing project in the Bajo Yuna community in central Dominican Republic.洪水吞没了多米尼加中部巴杰优那社区的一处在建的住房工程项目。
  • If we are not strong enough to cover all the minds up,then they will engulf us,and we are in danger.如果我们不够坚强来抵挡大众的意念,就会有被他们吞没的危险。
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adj.吞噬的v.吞没,包住( engulf的现在分词 )
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  • A professional photographer had fused the lights,engulfing the entire house in darkness. 一位职业摄影师把保险丝烧断了使整所房子陷于黑暗当中。 来自辞典例句
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  • Enthusiasm alone won't do. You've got to work skilfully. 不能光靠傻劲儿,得找窍门。
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  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
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adj.(价格)飞涨的;(通货)膨胀的;言过其实的;充了气的v.使充气(于轮胎、气球等)( inflate的过去式和过去分词 );(使)膨胀;(使)通货膨胀;物价上涨
  • He has an inflated sense of his own importance. 他自视过高。
  • They all seem to take an inflated view of their collective identity. 他们对自己的集体身份似乎都持有一种夸大的看法。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 engulfed 52ce6eb2bc4825e9ce4b243448ffecb3     
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  • Feathers initially developed from insect scales.羽毛最初由昆虫的翅瓣演化而来。
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