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"We were able to show that the benefit of social bonding accrues1(获得,积累) through 'the manipulation of ones' own and others' social relationships,' which is one definition of politics," said Oliver Schülke of Georg August University Göttingen in Germany. "The bond does not directly affect access to desirable resources but helps males to climb up the social ladder and to stay up there at the cost of other males that lose their status." Earlier evidence had shown that female animals live longer and have more offspring when they form strong bonds with other females. The benefit of friendship in the case of females is usually explained by greater access to food and safety. But, given the strong competition among males for access to mates, scientists had generally expected that evolutionary2 forces would work against male bonding, particularly in groups like those of the macaques(猕猴,恒河猴) , in which male members typically aren't close kin3.

In the current study, Schülke and his colleague Julia Ostner focused on wild male Assamese macaques living in their natural environment in Thailand. They found that males do maintain social relationships with other males in which both members spend time together and groom4 one another. Those bonds aren't confined to potential kin.

Males with stronger bonds to other males tended to form coalitions5, and those coalitions predicted future social dominance, the researchers report. The strength of males' social bonds was directly linked to the number of offspring they sired.

"We have shown for the first time that having close friends makes males more successful in terms of social status and paternity," Ostner said.

The researchers added that they are "quite confident" that it is not the other way around—that successful males attract more friends. "The effect of friendship on success materializes in the future," they said. "Success does not make for future friendships."

Schülke and Ostner said that earlier work in chimpanzees starting with Jane Goodall had shown that strong bonds among males promote alliance formation in conflicts over status. But, they said, chimps6 are different from macaques in that they stay in their natal7(出生的,分娩的) groups all their lives, often bonding with brothers or at least with other males that they are sure to live with for long periods of time. On the other hand, male macaques all leave the groups they are born into sooner or later, resulting in a male society that is much more fluid.

The researchers expect that their findings will apply to other species, in cases in which males live in large groups with many males for long enough to develop bonds and benefit from them. The findings in primates8 may also provide insight into our own social lives.

"Our results suggest that the universal tendency of humans to form close social ties has evolutionary roots outside the extended family," the researchers said. "This long evolutionary history of a fundamental social trait may also explain why the loss of friendship or social integration9 has severe consequences for human mental and physical health."


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v.增加( accrue的第三人称单数 );(通过自然增长)产生;获得;(使钱款、债务)积累
  • If you put money in the bank, interest accrues. 如你将钱存于银行,则自然生息。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
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结合体,同盟( coalition的名词复数 ); (两党或多党)联合政府
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(非洲)黑猩猩( chimp的名词复数 )
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  • This was the greatest event in the annals of European integration.这是欧洲统一史上最重大的事件。
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