Calculations: A Love Poem
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Calculations: A Love Poem
Gary Fincke
The billionth digit1 of pi is 9, 
 The last month without a full moon, 
 February, 1865 --
 This morning I am making a list 
 Of the last lines of parables(比喻,预言) 
 About the work of numbers, about 
 Calculations, marking the speed 
 With which blood travels, as if three feet 
 Per second were like the blessings 
 On the late workers in a vineyard 
 Or a son just home from living with swine. 
Someone continues the division 
 That computes2 the decimals of pi --
 He is telling a story, numerals 
 Spilling out toward infinity, 
 The counting a language, a life 
 Beyond this one, as difficult 
 To believe as the number of hours 
 We've slept together, darkness returning 
 And vanishing, the moments, nightly, 
 Between your breaths, the hesitations 
 In your deep sleep; my own held breath, 
 Listening, and then, temporarily 
 Relieved, turning toward the window, 
 Reciting the autonomic(自治的) lesson 
 Of your lungs that swell3 and shrink 
 At last, in rhythm, their vital 
 Capacity, in liters, 3.1.


1 digit avKxY     
  • Her telephone number differs from mine by one digit.她的电话号码和我的只差一个数字。
  • Many animals have five digits.许多动物有5趾。
2 computes 16e609f4a0c1dec290cc3e2c1992de38     
v.计算,估算( compute的第三人称单数 )
  • This article also computes STL model volume and research simply model complexity. 文章还评估了STL实体体积,对模型的复杂度进行了研究。 来自互联网
  • This macro computes the length of the day, from sunrise to sunset. 把根据要求确定出来的日出日没间隔作为我们通常直觉上的一个白天。 来自互联网
3 swell IHnzB     
  • The waves had taken on a deep swell.海浪汹涌。
  • His injured wrist began to swell.他那受伤的手腕开始肿了。
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