Open up Your Dreams
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The Tinder-BoxHenceforth,we gonna show you every way
We gonna change it perfectly every day
We gonna make you ever brave
You're gonna to know that you'll be free

If HOVER(徘徊,盘旋) can open up your mind
Don't say it never can be real
You could see miracles happen to you

Here HOVER show you the way
We all have this only brief
We all dream of conquering English to start afresh
We should make the future come together
We will give what we've got
You will know where it is from
This is the moment to be all that we can be

As great hopes make great men
And time let me tell you tomorrow is another day
That you are chosen to be good
And when your dreams all come true
It's the right time to get you through

Don't be so depressed
Just join HOVER to practice English
You could make yourself ever proud
Raise your head you could see
Dare to dream you will believe

That we can show the spirit of transcending(胜过,超越) ourselves
that nobody else can achieve
Just open up your dream
You will know where it is from
It's from the bottom of our hearts

This is the moment to open up dreams
that we can blossom out hand in hand

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