Horse and Rider
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Horse and Rider
Melissa Range

Sing unto(到,直到) the Lord a drift of a song,
a song that goes before the Law:

make of your voice a shaft2 of flame
shifting into cloud and back again,

a rift1 in a wave, a crack(裂缝) in a wheel,
a road in the midst of the sea;

make of your voice a staff turned snake
turned brass3(黄铜) turned tambourine4(小手鼓) .

Sing of swift colts bolting
from their mares onto the plains of tender sand,

bolts of dyed(被染色的) silk rippling5 as they unfurl—
cedar6(雪松) , sable7(黑貂) , silver, sunset, snow.

Sing of the vacant(空虚的,空缺的) stables, the casks(木桶) of grain;
of the rakes(耙子) and forks that lean against the stalls;

of the stable-boys—all younger sons—
whose charges charge away.

Sing of helmets(头盔) hailed upon the fields,
gold flax and barley8 rotting in the bud;

of the bare-headed boys who urge their chariots(战车) on
with surging throats: O sing of their black hair.

Sing of the groomed9 hooves(蹄) and flanks(两翼)
and haunches(腰部,臀部) brushed blinding in the glare,

jolting10 the riders they bear—all younger sons—
until the sand tenders itself unto the sea.

Sing this day of the gift of the Lord: the genesis(发生,起源)
of a song so old it has no attribution;

of a tongue's first poetry—the gleaming shard11
which broke from prose(散文) , from simple speech,

the jagged line which founded epic12, identity, belief.
Sing of defeat, for without defeat, how could we sing?

Sing of swords, shields, chariots, sifting13
down beneath the tangling14(纠纷,混乱状态) reeds.

Sing of the clear dry heavens, the mottled sea—
cedar, sable, silver, sunset, snow.

Sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously;
He has slaughtered15 whom He has slaughtered;

He has shown Himself worthy16 of all our noise:
He has rid the earth of a few more horses, a few more boys.


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  • He was anxious to mend the rift between the two men.他急于弥合这两个人之间的裂痕。
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  • Furthermore the built in cable rewind prevents tangling and prolongs cable life. 此外,在防止缠绕电缆退建,延长电缆使用寿命。
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