The Silver Spoon
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The Silver Spoon is the most influential1 and

  successful cookbook in Italy. Originally published in

  1950, it became an instant classic. Considered to be

  essential in every household, it is still one of the most

  popular wedding presents today.

  The Silver Spoon was conceived and published by

  Domus, the design and architectural magazine

  famously directed by Giò Ponti from the 1920s to the

  1970s. A group of cooking experts was

  commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional

  recipes from the different Italian regions and make

  them available for the first time to a wider audience.

  In the process, they updated ingredients, quantities

  and methods to suit contemporary tastes and

  customs, at the same time preserving the memory of

  ancient recipes for future generations. They also

  included modern recipes from some of the most

  famous Italian chefs, resulting in a style of cooking

  that appeals to the gourmet2 as well as the occasional


  A comprehensive and lively book, its simple and

  user-friendly format3 makes it both accessible and a

  pleasure to read. It provides an introduction to every

  course, and an explanation of the main type of

  ingredients. Never translated before, The Silver

  Spoon has now been adapted to an international

  market, with every recipe checked for suitability,

  measurements converted and methods rewritten to

  accommodate cultural differences, yet maintaining

  the authenticity4 of real Italian cooking.

  The new layout emphasizes its contemporary appeal

  and the colour coding of each section simplifies the

  process of cross-referencing ingredients and

  methods. A section with original menus from the 15

  most famous Italian chefs of the last 50 years has

  been expanded to include original menus from Italian

  celebrity5 chefs working outside Italy.

  This is a substantial and prestigious6 cookbook that

  will share the bookshelves with other titles such as

  The Joy of Cooking and Larousse Gastronomique,

  another classic of national cuisine7. With over 2,000

  recipes illustrated8 with specially9 commissioned

  artwork and photography, the book is destined10 to

  become a classic in the Italian cooking booklist for

  the international market.


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