中华人民共和国民事诉讼法 33
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第三编 执行程序 第二十章 一般规定
第二百零七条 发生法律效力的民事判决、裁定,以及刑事判决、裁定中的财产部分,由第一审人民法院执行。
"Article 207 Legally effective judgments2 or written orders in civil cases, as well as the parts of judgments or written orders that relate to property in criminal cases, shall be executed by the people's court of first instance."
Other legal documents which are to be executed by a people's court as prescribed by the law shall be executed by the people's court of the place where the person subjected to execution has his domicile or where the property subject to execution is located.
第二百零八条 执行过程中,案外人对执行标的提出异议的,执行员应当按照法定程序进行审查。
"Article 208 If, in the course of execution, an outsider raises an objection with respect to the object subjected to execution, the execution officer shall examine the objection in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the law. "
" If the reasons for the objection are untenable, the objection shall be rejected; if otherwise, execution shall be suspended with the approval of the president of the court."
"If definite error is found in the judgment1 or the written order, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the procedure for trial supervision3."
第二百零九条 执行工作由执行员进行。
Article 209 Execution work shall be carried out by the execution officer.
"When carrying out a compulsory4 execution measure, the execution officer shall produce his credentials5."
" After the execution is completed, the execution officer shall make a record of the particulars of the execution, and have it signed or sealed by the persons concerned on the scene."
"The basic people's court and the intermediate people's court may, when necessary, establish execution organs, whose functions shall be defined by the Supreme6 People's Court."
第二百一十条 被执行人或者被执行的财产在外地的,可以委托当地人民法院代为执行。
"Article 210 If a person or property subjected to execution is in another locality, the people's court in that locality may be entrusted7 with the carrying out of the execution. "
The entrusted people's court shall begin the execution within 15 days after receiving a letter of entrustment8 and shall not refuse to do so.
"After the execution has been completed, the entrusted people's court shall promptly9 inform the entrusting10 people's court, by letter, of the result of the execution."
" If the execution has not been completed within 30 days, the entrusted people's court shall also inform the entrusting people's court, by letter, of the particulars of the execution."
"If the entrusted people's court does not carry out the execution within 15 days after receiving the letter of entrustment, the entrusting people's court may request the people's court at a higher level over the entrusted people's court to instruct the entrusted people's court to carry out the execution."
第二百一十一条 在执行中,双方当事人自行和解达成协议的,执行员应当将协议内容记入笔录,由双方当事人签名或者盖章。
"Article 211 If in the course of execution the two parties become reconciled and reach a settlement agreement on their own initiative, the execution officer shall make a record of the contents of the agreement, and both parties shall affix11 their signatures or seals to the record."
"If either party fails to fulfil the settlement agreement, the people's court may, at the request of the other party, resume the execution of the legal document which was originally effective."
第二百一十二条 在执行中,被执行人向人民法院提供担保,并经申请执行人同意的,人民法院可以决定暂缓执行及暂缓执行的期限。
"Article 212 In the course of execution, if the person subjected to execution provides a guaranty, the people's court may, with the consent of the person who has applied12 for execution, decide on the suspension of the execution and the time limit for such suspension. "
"If the person subjected to execution still fails to perform his obligations after the time limit, the people's court shall have the power to execute the property he provided as security or the property of the guarantor."
第二百一十三条 作为被执行人的公民死亡的,以其遗产偿还债务。
"Article 213 If the citizen subjected to execution dies, his debts shall be paid off from the deceased estate; "
"if a legal person or any other organization subjected to execution dissolves, the party that succeeds to its rights and obligations shall fulfil the obligations."
第二百一十四条 执行完毕后,据以执行的判决、裁定和其他法律文书确有错误,被人民法院撤销的,对已被执行的财产,人民法院应当作出裁定,责令取得财产的人返还;
"Article 214 After the completion of execution, if definite error is found in the executed judgment, written order or other legal documents resulting in the annulment13 of such judgment, order or legal documents by the people's court, the said court shall, with respect to the property which has been executed, make a written order that persons who have obtained the property shall return it. "
"In the event of refusal to return such property, compulsory execution shall be carried out."
第二百一十五条 人民法院制作的调解书的执行,适用本编的规定。
Article 215 The provisions of this Part shall be applicable to the execution of the conciliation14 statement as drawn15 up by the people's court.


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判断( judgment的名词复数 ); 鉴定; 评价; 审判
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  • Is English a compulsory subject?英语是必修课吗?
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  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
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