中华人民共和国民事诉讼法 34
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第二十一章 执行的申请和移送
Chapter XXI Application for Execution and Referral
第二百一十六条 发生法律效力的民事判决、裁定,当事人必须履行。
Article 216 The parties concerned must comply with legally effective judgments1 or written orders in civil cases.
"If a party refuses to do so, the other party may apply to the people's court for execution, or the judge may refer the matter to the execution officer for enforcement."
The parties concerned must comply with the conciliation3 statement and other legal documents that are to be executed by the people's court.
" If a party refuses to do so, the other party may apply to the people's court for enforcement."
第二百一十七条 对依法设立的仲裁机构的裁决,一方当事人不履行的,对方当事人可以向有管辖权的人民法院申请执行。
"Article 217 If a party fails to comply with an award of an arbitral organ established according to the law, the other party may apply for execution to the people's court which has jurisdiction4 over the case. "
The people's court applied5 to shall enforce the award.
"If the party against whom the application is made furnishes proof that the arbitral award involves any of the following circumstances, the people's court shall, after examination and verification by a collegial panel, make a written order not to allow the enforcement:"
" (1) the parties have had no arbitration6 clause in their contract, nor have subsequently reached a written agreement on arbitration; "
(2) the matters dealt with by the award fall outside the scope of the arbitration agreement or are matters which the arbitral organ has no power to arbitrate;
(3) the composition of the arbitration tribunal or the procedure for arbitration contradicts the procedure prescribed by the law;
(4) the main evidence for ascertaining7 the facts is insufficient8;
(5) there is definite error in the application of the law;
" or (6) the arbitrators have committed embezzlement9, accepted bribes10 or done malpractice for personal benefits or perverted11 the law in the arbitration of the case."
"If the people's court determines that the execution of the arbitral award is against the social and public interest, it shall make an order not to allow the execution."
The above-mentioned written order shall be served on both parties and the arbitral organ.
"If the execution of an arbitral award is disallowed12 by a written order of the people's court, the parties may, in accordance with a written agreement on arbitration reached between them, apply for arbitration again; they may also bring an action in a people's court."
第二百一十八条 对公证机关依法赋予强制执行效力的债权文书,一方当事人不履行的,对方当事人可以向有管辖权的人民法院申请执行,受申请的人民法院应当执行。
"Article 218 If a party fails to comply with a document evidencing the creditor's rights made enforceable according to the law by a notary13 office, the other party may apply to the people's court which has jurisdiction over the case for execution. The people's court applied to shall enforce such document."
"If the people's court finds definite error in the document of creditor's rights, it shall make an order not to allow the execution and serve the order on both parties concerned as well as the notary office."
第二百一十九条 申请执行的期限,双方或者一方当事人是公民的为一年,双方是法人或者其他组织的为六个月。
"Article 219 The time limit for the submission14 of an application for execution shall be one year, if both or one of the parties are citizens; it shall be six months if both parties are legal persons or other organizations."
The above-mentioned time limit shall be calculated from the last day of the period of performance specified15 by the legal document.
"If the legal document specifies16 performance in stages, the time limit shall be calculated from the last day of the period specified for each stage of performance."
第二百二十条 执行员接到申请执行书或者移交执行书,应当向被执行人发出执行通知,责令其在指定的期间履行,逾期不履行的,强制执行。
"Article 220 The execution officer shall, after receiving the application for execution or the writ2 of referral directing execution, send an execution notice to the person subjected to execution, instructing him to comply within the specified time. If the person fails to comply accordingly, compulsory17 execution shall be carried out."


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判断( judgment的名词复数 ); 鉴定; 评价; 审判
  • A peculiar austerity marked his judgments of modern life. 他对现代生活的批评带着一种特殊的苛刻。
  • He is swift with his judgments. 他判断迅速。
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