The end of the world 世界末日
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A jackal(豺,走狗) who was going to be eaten by a lion. The jackal said to the lion: "No, please, you can't eat me! You can't eat me! This will be a great mistake. If you eat me, that'll be terrible, that will be a disaster, that will be the end of the world!"   The lion was very puzzled and said: "How come? How come if I eat you, the world will end?"   The jackal said:"Because if you eat me, that will be the end of the world for me!"   有只狼快被狮子吃掉了。狼对狮子说:“求求你不要吃我!你不能吃我,这是一个天大的错误!如果你吃了我,那就惨了,会有灾难、会世界末日!”   狮子满脸疑惑地问:“为什么把你吃掉就会世界末日?”   狼回答:“如果你吃了我,就是我的世界末日啊!”

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