人文知识练习附讲解 7
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1. "To know something like the palm of one's hand" means ___?
A to understand the nature of something and be competent in the performance of them
B to understand everything without any question
C to understand only something easy
D to be thoroughly1 familiar with the nature and details of something
2. British English is spoken in ___?
A Great Britain B Australia
C New Zealand D A.B and C
3. Which of the following joined England and Scotland in 1707?
A the Act of Supremacy2 B the Act of Union
C the Reform Act D the Magana Carta
4. Who said “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world.”?
A Aristotle B Plato
C Archimedes D Euclid
5. The expression that can be used as the euphemism3 for "garbage collector" is "___"
A collecting B garbage engineer
C sanitary4 engineer D sanitation5 engineer
6. Who founded the Plantagenet Dynasty?
A Henry I B King Joseph
C Henry II D Count of Anjor
7. Who said "Captive Greece took her rude conqueror6 captive"?
A Horace B Virgil
C Plato D Sappho
8. The religious persecution7 mainly existed during the reign8 of ___.
A Elizabeth I B Henry VIII
C Cromwell D Charles I
9. Eton College is a famous ___ of UK.
A college B comprehensive school
C public school D university
10. Westminster Palace is the ___?
A seat of British House of Parliament
B seat of English church
C residence of king of queen
D residence of Prime Minister
1. 选D
"To know something like the palm of one's hand"的意思是对“什么了如指掌”。
2. 选D
3. 选B
是《联合法》(the Act of Union)在Anne 统治的1707年把 England and Scotland 统一起来,而Great Britain (大不列颠)也是在其统治期间诞生的。而1801年的《联合法》爱尔兰并入大不列颠王国,因此英国的名称改为“大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国”(the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)。1921年爱尔兰北部6郡(北爱尔兰)化归联合王国,英国的名称也随之改为“大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国”(the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)。
4. 选C
5. 选D
sanitation engineer (环境工程师)是 “garbage collector” 垃圾清洁工的委婉用语。
6. 选C
The Plantagenet Dynasty (金雀花王朝)是由Henry II(亨利二世) 于1154年创立的,并统治了35年,于1189年Henry II 去世而结束。
7. 选A
Horace(贺拉斯),古罗马诗人,以其颂歌著称。 “Captive Greece took her rude conqueror captive” (被征服的希腊征服了它的征服者)为其所说。Virgil(维吉尔,70—19BC)伟大的拉丁诗人,著有伟大的史诗《埃涅阿斯记》(Aeneid)。Plato(柏拉图428---348BC),古希腊哲学家,他对《对话录》(Dialogues)影响深远。Sappho(萨福)公元前7世纪希腊最重要的女抒情诗人,其爱情诗影响深远。
8. 选D
Charles I(查里一世,1600---1649,英国斯图亚特王朝国王)。其统治期间,对抗国会,压迫清教徒,引起内战,战败后作为“暴君、叛徒、杀人犯和国家公敌”于1649年被国会判处死刑。
9. 选C
Eton College(伊顿学院,也称伊顿公学)是英格兰最大的也是最有名的公学之一,设在伯克郡伊顿,是英国的一种中学教育。该校建于1400年与1441年间,由Henry VI为国王赠款所建立的基金中得到奖学金的70名高才生创办的。英国知名的公学还有Harrow School; Rugby School。
Westminster(威斯敏斯特区)指英国伦敦西部的贵族居住区,在泰晤士河北岸,区内有白金汉宫,议会大厦等。而the Westminster Palace(威斯敏斯特宫)通常指英国议会所在地,因此Westminster 喻指英国国会或英国政府。


1 thoroughly sgmz0J     
  • The soil must be thoroughly turned over before planting.一定要先把土地深翻一遍再下种。
  • The soldiers have been thoroughly instructed in the care of their weapons.士兵们都系统地接受过保护武器的训练。
2 supremacy 3Hzzd     
  • No one could challenge her supremacy in gymnastics.她是最优秀的体操运动员,无人能胜过她。
  • Theoretically,she holds supremacy as the head of the state.从理论上说,她作为国家的最高元首拥有至高无上的权力。
3 euphemism DPzzJ     
  • Language reflects culture and euphemism is a mirror of culture.语言反映文化,而婉语则是各种文化的一面镜子。
  • Euphemism is a very common and complicated linguistic phenomenon.委婉语是一种十分常见而又非常复杂的语言现象。
4 sanitary SCXzF     
  • It's not sanitary to let flies come near food.让苍蝇接近食物是不卫生的。
  • The sanitary conditions in this restaurant are abominable.这家饭馆的卫生状况糟透了。
5 sanitation GYgxE     
  • The location is exceptionally poor,viewed from the sanitation point.从卫生角度来看,这个地段非常糟糕。
  • Many illnesses are the result,f inadequate sanitation.许多疾病都来源于不健全的卫生设施。
6 conqueror PY3yI     
  • We shall never yield to a conqueror.我们永远不会向征服者低头。
  • They abandoned the city to the conqueror.他们把那个城市丢弃给征服者。
7 persecution PAnyA     
n. 迫害,烦扰
  • He had fled from France at the time of the persecution. 他在大迫害时期逃离了法国。
  • Their persecution only serves to arouse the opposition of the people. 他们的迫害只激起人民对他们的反抗。
8 reign pBbzx     
  • The reign of Queen Elizabeth lapped over into the seventeenth century.伊丽莎白王朝延至17世纪。
  • The reign of Zhu Yuanzhang lasted about 31 years.朱元璋统治了大约三十一年。
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