First tour group on way to US
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About 200 mainlanders flew out of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong airports yesterday afternoon, becoming the first group of Chinese vacationers to leave for the US.

"This is a long-awaited trip to the US. But better late than never," said Li Lianjie, 76, at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Li and his wife were among a 24-member group from Beijing that left for a 10-day tour of the US. A larger group, of more than 40 people, will leave Beijing for the US today.

On Dec 11, 2007, Chinese and US tourism authorities signed a memorandum1 of understanding (MOU), which allows Chinese to travel to the US in tourist groups. The US Department of Commerce has estimated that the number of Chinese tourists could reach 579,000 by 2011.

T ourists from Beijing are expected to join a 79-member group from Shanghai and a group of 90 from Guangdong province (who flew from Hong Kong) in Washington.

"According to the schedule, they will be greeted by tourism officials and representatives of the US tourism industry at each stop on their trip to that country," said Liu Lili, an official with the Beijing tourism administration.

Sun Ming, a guide with the group, said the tourists will be invited to the venue2 of the ongoing3 China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue in Annapolis, Maryland.

Sun Weiming, an outbound travel manager with the China Youth Travel Service, said the travel agency has received many requests from people eager to tour the US, even though the 10-day tour costs 20,000 yuan ($2,857).


1. About how many mainland Chinese flew out of airports yesterday for the US?

2. The US Department of Commerce estimates how many Chinese people will visit the US for tours by 2011?

 3. How much does a 10-day tour cost?


1. 200.

2. 579,000.

 3. 20,000 yuan or $2,857.


1 memorandum aCvx4     
  • The memorandum was dated 23 August,2008.备忘录上注明的日期是2008年8月23日。
  • The Secretary notes down the date of the meeting in her memorandum book.秘书把会议日期都写在记事本上。
2 venue ALkzr     
  • The hall provided a venue for weddings and other functions.大厅给婚礼和其他社会活动提供了场所。
  • The chosen venue caused great controversy among the people.人们就审判地点的问题产生了极大的争议。
3 ongoing 6RvzT     
  • The problem is ongoing.这个问题尚未解决。
  • The issues raised in the report relate directly to Age Concern's ongoing work in this area.报告中提出的问题与“关心老人”组织在这方面正在做的工作有直接的关系。