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A,B不相对 A<-/->B

  A,B are two spaces apart(A,B相隔为2) (A□B) or |A-B|=2

  * Two spaces separate A and B = A,B are two spaces apart

  又如:A is two floors above B, 则A和B只有一层相隔

  又如:A is two days before B, 则A与B之间只有一天之隔

  区别:A,B之间有两个元素 (A□□B)

  A is to the right of B: B-A

  A is to the immediate1 right of B: AB

  B is to the right of either A or C, but not both: (A-B-C) or A/C——B——A/C

  区别:B is between A and C: A-B-C

  区别:B is immediately between A and C: (ABC)

  =B is (immediately) next to both A and C.

  If A is next to B, it is not next to C: ~(BAC)


  If A, then B(A入选则B入选) A→B 逆反命题 -B→~A

  选A则不选B A→~B (但可同时不选)

  =A,B不全选 A→~B 逆反命题 B→~A(区别A,B全不选)

  同理:A灯亮则B灯灭 A→~B 逆反命题 B→~A (但A,B可同时灭)

  另外:A is off if and only if either B or C is on: B/C→~A (B和C可同时亮时A也不亮)

  逆反命题 A→ ~B/C (A亮时,B,C都不能亮,即neither A nor B is on=both off)

  If A, then B, and if B, A: A<——>B

  =If A, then B, and if ~A, ~B

  =A if and only if B

  =B if and only if A

  =Neither A nor B unless the other is selected.

  A only if B: A→B 逆反命题 B→~A

  A unless B: ~A——>B 逆反命题 ~B→A

  区别:Not A unless B: A→B 逆反命题 B→~A

  Only A works in the afternoons: only A=pm

  区别:A only works in the afternoons: A=pm

  If A occurs in a word, it occurs an odd number of time: J→J=odd#

  Only As are Bs: B→A

  =only if A, B

  No As are Bs. A≠B (A,B无交集)


1 immediate aapxh     
  • His immediate neighbours felt it their duty to call.他的近邻认为他们有责任去拜访。
  • We declared ourselves for the immediate convocation of the meeting.我们主张立即召开这个会议。