Master of Your Thoughts 掌控你的思想
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You talk when you stop being at peace with your thoughts. When you can no longer dwell1 in the solitude2 of your heart, you will talk, and the sound becomes a pastime3. And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered. Thought is like a bird, and once in a cage of words it can unfold its wings, but not fly.
There are people who talk ceaselessly for fear of being alone. And there are those who talk, and unknowingly show a truth about themselves which they themselves do not understand. And there are those who have the truth within them, and know it, and for that very reason don't try to put it into words.
When you meet a friend on the road or in a market, let your spirit move your lips and direct your tongue. Let the voice within your mind speak to the ear of him. His soul will keep the truth of your heart, just as the taste of the wine is remembered when its colour is forgotten.
当你在路边或市场遇见你的朋友时,让你内心的思想控制你的嘴唇,指挥你的舌头。用你内心的声音说给他的耳朵听。 因为他的灵魂会记住你内心的真话,正如美酒的味道会被记住而颜色却会被淡忘一样。


1 dwell qrix0     
  • Sometimes his mind would dwell on the horrors he had been through.有时他会老是想着他所经历过的种种恐怖。
  • A great number of water fowls dwell on the island.许多水鸟在岛上栖息。
2 solitude xF9yw     
n. 孤独; 独居,荒僻之地,幽静的地方
  • People need a chance to reflect on spiritual matters in solitude. 人们需要独处的机会来反思精神上的事情。
  • They searched for a place where they could live in solitude. 他们寻找一个可以过隐居生活的地方。
3 pastime 5Ldx8     
  • Playing chess is his favourite pastime.下棋是他最喜爱的消遣。
  • Baseball is the national pastime.棒球是全民性的休闲运动。
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