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In love and marriage Gemini men have the contrast of mild affections(喜爱,感情) and sensual passions. The two qualities, within this sign, have little in common. As a lover, the native is arch, flirtatious1(轻浮的) , teasing and boyish. He is seldom vitally interested, and even when he is attracted, another personality can quickly charm him.

He is somewhat more satisfactory as a husband. Home ties do mean something to him, especially if he marries an intellectual companion. If however his wife is of the nagging2(唠叨的,挑剔的) , demanding, possessive type, the Gemini husband will not be able to endure it. He is temperamentally unfit to endure constant pressure. When Gemini men have over-bearing wives, they often leave home. When they do not take such strong measures, they become that sad object, a hen-pecked husband.

Gemini women are exceedingly(非常,极其) refined. They have a rare, unapproachable delicacy3 that is very attractive to wealthy men, who wish to have wives who suggest class and appear to be well bred. The disposition4 is sunny, the mind, active and agile5(敏捷的) , and the manner in society poised6 and charming. In private domestic life it is often a surprise to find so much animal passion in these fragile , bird-like women.


1 flirtatious M73yU     
  • a flirtatious young woman 卖弄风情的年轻女子
  • Her flirtatious manners are intended to attract. 她的轻浮举止是想引人注意。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 nagging be0b69d13a0baed63cc899dc05b36d80     
adj.唠叨的,挑剔的;使人不得安宁的v.不断地挑剔或批评(某人)( nag的现在分词 );不断地烦扰或伤害(某人);无休止地抱怨;不断指责
  • Stop nagging—I'll do it as soon as I can. 别唠叨了—我会尽快做的。
  • I've got a nagging pain in my lower back. 我后背下方老是疼。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 delicacy mxuxS     
  • We admired the delicacy of the craftsmanship.我们佩服工艺师精巧的手艺。
  • He sensed the delicacy of the situation.他感觉到了形势的微妙。
4 disposition GljzO     
  • He has made a good disposition of his property.他已对财产作了妥善处理。
  • He has a cheerful disposition.他性情开朗。
5 agile Ix2za     
  • She is such an agile dancer!她跳起舞来是那么灵巧!
  • An acrobat has to be agile.杂技演员必须身手敏捷。
6 poised SlhzBU     
  • The hawk poised in mid-air ready to swoop. 老鹰在半空中盘旋,准备俯冲。
  • Tina was tense, her hand poised over the telephone. 蒂娜心情紧张,手悬在电话机上。
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