A Good Year 美好的一年
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Author: Peter Mayle

List Price: $24.00

Pages: 304

Publisher: Knopf Publis

ISBN: 0375405917    


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"Max Skinner is a man at the heart of London's financial universe. He works for the notorious Lawton Brothers at the top end of Threadneedle Street, and his is a life of long hours and fierce competition with Amis, his nemesis1 and boss. It is a rivalry2 that continues until the day Max finds the Lawton Brothers doing a little asset-stripping of their own. Himself." "Amid the London drizzle3, there is one potential ray of sunshine in Max's life. His Uncle Henry has left him his estate in his will - an eighteenth-century house and vineyard an hour's drive from Avignon, where Max used to go for his childhood holidays. Out of a job, and encouraged by his friend Charlie's talk of the money in modern wine, he heads for France to assess its potential." What Max discovers is even better than he remembered: a beautiful house, wonderful weather and a bustling4 village in the shape of St. Pons. The only downside to his new life is the quality of the wine in the vineyard and the brooding presence of Roussel, a former employee of his uncle. When Max suggests getting in an expert to look at the vineyards, Roussel, for reasons that slowly unravel5, is resistant6. And then there's the arrival of a mysterious stranger from California.

多金自信又英俊的伦敦投资专家麦斯史金,意外接获了过世的亨利叔叔遗赠在普罗旺斯,名为席荷La Siroque的葡萄酒园。亨利叔叔是麦斯最亲的家人,但就在处理继承的法律程序时,因为一笔可疑的投资交易调查,麦斯被公司停职。在庄园酒农杜夫的热情招呼下,麦斯半不情愿地留在酒庄,直到好友查理告知,这样小而美的酒庄现在正是抢手货,可以带来几百万美金的收益,不管是精品店或高级餐厅酒吧,最喜欢的就是来自这里的酒。生活正青黄不接的麦斯,打算好好利用这个机会翻身。


About Author

Peter Mayle spent fifteen years in the advertising7 business, first as a copywriter and then as a reluctant executive, before escaping Madison Avenue in 1975 to write educational books for children. In 1990, Mr. Mayle published A Year in Provence, which became an international bestseller. He is also the author of Toujours Provence, Hotel Pastis, A Dog's Life, Anything Considered and Chasing Cezanne.



1 nemesis m51zt     
  • Uncritical trust is my nemesis.盲目的相信一切害了我自己。
  • Inward suffering is the worst of Nemesis.内心的痛苦是最厉害的惩罚。
2 rivalry tXExd     
  • The quarrel originated in rivalry between the two families.这次争吵是两家不和引起的。
  • He had a lot of rivalry with his brothers and sisters.他和兄弟姐妹间经常较劲。
3 drizzle Mrdxn     
  • The shower tailed off into a drizzle.阵雨越来越小,最后变成了毛毛雨。
  • Yesterday the radio forecast drizzle,and today it is indeed raining.昨天预报有小雨,今天果然下起来了。
4 bustling LxgzEl     
  • The market was bustling with life. 市场上生机勃勃。
  • This district is getting more and more prosperous and bustling. 这一带越来越繁华了。
5 unravel Ajzwo     
  • He was good with his hands and could unravel a knot or untangle yarn that others wouldn't even attempt.他的手很灵巧,其他人甚至都不敢尝试的一些难解的绳结或缠在一起的纱线,他都能解开。
  • This is the attitude that led him to unravel a mystery that long puzzled Chinese historians.正是这种态度使他解决了长期以来使中国历史学家们大惑不解的谜。
6 resistant 7Wvxh     
  • Many pests are resistant to the insecticide.许多害虫对这种杀虫剂有抵抗力。
  • They imposed their government by force on the resistant population.他们以武力把自己的统治强加在持反抗态度的人民头上。
7 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。