Love that I let go
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I had this boyfriend who I really loved. Even though he wasn’t my first boyfriend to me it seemed like he was. How I met him was very unusual. Not many girls get with their best friend's brother, but this girl did. I remember when I saw him it was love at first sight. When we first met we didn’t right away start a relationship instead it grew naturally. We started talking and became good friends.

Our love started when he told his sister he liked me. I was shocked to hear that because I thought he only saw me as a friend. I knew I felt something for him but didn’t think he also felt something too. We soon got together the funny thing is that his sister was also with his best friend. So we would always go out all four. I enjoyed spending time with my best friend but also my boyfriend I felt like I had really found the guy I wanted.

Everything seemed to be going fine until his sister got dumped1 by his best friend. That’s when everything started because no longer could we go out as four, his sister was very depressed2 so she never felt like going out. We tried as much as we could to not let that affect our relationship, But that’s when I started to doubt about him.

Since we were not in the same grade. I didn’t see what he would do behind my back. I soon found out that a girl that hung out with(与……出去玩) us also felt something for him. I started to feel jealous4(嫉妒的) because they had most of their classes together. I remember asking him if he felt anything for her. He answered me no that he only had eyes for me. But I would see how she would look at him that would burn me up with jealousy5. I started to ask him more often what he really thought of her. And he would always answer me the same thing.

Until one day he finally got tired of me telling him over and over again and our relationship ended. I cried so much because I knew I loved him and up till today I still do. I remember telling him it was best for us to be separated6, he just hug me and gave the last kiss.

That day when I got home I cried so much till my eyes go swollen7(肿大的). The next day his sister told me he had cried too. That I was the first girl he truly loved. And he told her he would never forget me and everything we shared. That made me realizes that he really did love me.

Now that we both go to different schools we no longer see each other. Once in a while when we see each other he'll just look at me with sad eyes and walk away. His sister told me that that’s because I hurt him a lot. I know it was my fault for letting him go for not trusting him. Sometimes I wish we could start all over and I know nothing would be the same. Because just like he told his sister he would never forget me. I know also that I never forget him either. Hell3 always is my guy I love and he'll always be in my heart.


1 dumped dumped     
adj.废弃的v.倾倒( dump的过去式和过去分词 );丢下;随便堆放;释放
  • Too much toxic waste is being dumped at sea. 太多的有毒废料在向大海里倾倒。
  • They dumped his belongings unceremoniously on the floor. 他们粗暴地把他的物品摔到地板上。
2 depressed xu8zp9     
  • When he was depressed,he felt utterly divorced from reality.他心情沮丧时就感到完全脱离了现实。
  • His mother was depressed by the sad news.这个坏消息使他的母亲意志消沉。
3 hell Tduzg     
  • It's a hell of a hike from Sydney to Perth.从悉尼到珀斯的徒步旅行简直苦死了。
  • The boss really gave me hell today.老板今天着实数落了我一通。
4 jealous 7abz6     
  • He was jealous when he discovered that she loved someone else.当他发现她爱别人的时候,他吃醋了。
  • An honorable Chinese citizen should be jealous of his own rights.一名光荣的中国公民应当珍惜自己的公民权利。
5 jealousy WaRz6     
  • Some women have a disposition to jealousy.有些女人生性爱妒忌。
  • I can't support your jealousy any longer.我再也无法忍受你的嫉妒了。
6 separated giszqy     
  • Her parents are separated but not divorced. 她父母分居但没离婚。
  • No child should ever be separated from his mother by force. 绝不能强行使任何一个孩子与母亲分开。 来自《简明英汉词典》
7 swollen DrcwL     
  • Her legs had got swollen from standing up all day.因为整天站着,她的双腿已经肿了。
  • A mosquito had bitten her and her arm had swollen up.蚊子叮了她,她的手臂肿起来了。
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