The Second Time Around
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At the age of 18, I married for the first time. After almost 24 years of tumultuous(乱哄哄的,喧哗的) havoc1(大破坏,蹂躏) that nearly cost me my life, that marriage ended in divorce . I swore that I would never again care enough about anyone to let them into my life as a marriage partner; the earlier years of abuse(滥用,虐待) were too painful. For several years, that resolve(决心) was not difficult to keep. Then one day at church as I left the sanctuary2(至圣所) heading toward my Sunday school class, I spotted3 a man who was a head taller than most of the crowd. He was bald and wore glasses, and there was no particular reason to notice him. In class, there he was. He expressed his opinions freely but with a light in his eyes that showed how passionately4 he felt about what he said. Several weeks passed and I became more and more attracted to this strange man.

One Sunday, he followed me to my car and asked me to go to lunch with him. I think we both knew we felt something special for each other before that lunch was finished. Less than a month later, he proposed. I accepted but with much fear in my heart. I was determined5 not to ever be abused again. Three years of marriage to this wonderful man has brought me immense(巨大的,广大的) joy as he has showered me with his love, compassion6 and caring. He has become my husband, my lover, my companion, and my best friend. I have learned the difference between self-serving, abusive(咒骂的,虐待的) love and the real, true, self-sacrificing kind of love. The best thing I can think to say about this big, bald(秃头的) Texan is that he enables me to find the best in myself and loves me as I am. Sometimes, love is sweeter the second time around.


1 havoc 9eyxY     
  • The earthquake wreaked havoc on the city.地震对这个城市造成了大破坏。
  • This concentration of airborne firepower wrought havoc with the enemy forces.这次机载火力的集中攻击给敌军造成很大破坏。
2 sanctuary iCrzE     
  • There was a sanctuary of political refugees behind the hospital.医院后面有一个政治难民的避难所。
  • Most countries refuse to give sanctuary to people who hijack aeroplanes.大多数国家拒绝对劫机者提供庇护。
3 spotted 7FEyj     
  • The milkman selected the spotted cows,from among a herd of two hundred.牛奶商从一群200头牛中选出有斑点的牛。
  • Sam's shop stocks short spotted socks.山姆的商店屯积了有斑点的短袜。
4 passionately YmDzQ4     
  • She could hate as passionately as she could love. 她能恨得咬牙切齿,也能爱得一往情深。
  • He was passionately addicted to pop music. 他酷爱流行音乐。
5 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
6 compassion 3q2zZ     
  • He could not help having compassion for the poor creature.他情不自禁地怜悯起那个可怜的人来。
  • Her heart was filled with compassion for the motherless children.她对于没有母亲的孩子们充满了怜悯心。
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