When I walk
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When I woke up that morning all I wanted to do was walk. It was winter my favorite season. This walk would change my life forever and I would remember for years to come. On that one special walk is where I meet the love of my life and lose my love. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We can’t be together anymore those four single words tore my hole life apart. At once so many things were going threw my head. Was I stupid, was this a dream, I wish so much that it was a dream. As all my thoughts came to a stop and the tears swell1 up in my eyes. All I could think was did he ever love me? As I sat there with my mouth wide open and tears falling from my eyes I could not hear anything I seen his lips2 moving but nothing was coming out.

As I was brought back to reality for the first time threw out the whole conversation I looked in to his eyes and seen how much pain this was causing him. With out thinking all I could say was “did you ever really love me.” As I looked in his eyes it was like I seen his heartbreak(伤心事,心碎) right then and there before my eyes it hurt so much for me to put him threw this kind of pain. I couldn’t take it back because it is what I needed to know. In one quick motion3 he took me up in to his arms and said “how could you ask me that. Have I ever gave you a reason to drought4(干旱) my love. You are my first and last my one and only true love.” He asked me to go on our last walk as a couple I agreed when I really wanted to go home and cry until I died.

As we walked I could not think of nothing but how much we were so different, Yet so much alike5. We weren’t like the rest of the world we seen things different. We always said that is what brought us together.

Now ten years later am sitting here going threw some of my old thing and at the bottom of my old jewelry6 box I found that letter that you wrote me a couple years ago it read:

“Hey Michelle

How is the big apple treating you, we haven’t spooking(幽灵) in so long. What has it been 5 or 10 years? I’m back in town for a couple of weeks.I came to see you, but when I went to your house your momma said you had moved away along time ago. She told me that you were married now and had two beautiful kids. She thought it would be good for me to write you. There is really nothing I can say but I will always love you. You will always be my first, my last and my one and only. Love you Derek

p.s don’t forget the walks, don’t ever forget the walks.”

As I sat there and thought back I remembered that last walk and how every thing change from then on. I decided7 I would never forget the walks and I would teach my children to see the world different and not the same to never judge a book by its cover. I will always love Derek for what he taught me and what I learned8.


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abbr.logical inferences per second 每秒的逻辑推论n.嘴唇( lip的名词复数 );(容器或凹陷地方的)边缘;粗鲁无礼的话
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