How did the teddy bear got its name?
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Can you bear it? The famous teddy bear is more than 100 years old, and got its name from a United1 States president.

In 1902, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt took a trip to the American South to help work out a land disagreement2 between Mississippi and Louisiana. While there, the president went hunting for bear.

Days passed with no luck for the president, but lots of good luck for the bears. Finally, his guides captured3 a bear and offered to let the president shoot it, so he wouldn’t have to go home empty-handed.

Roosevelt flatly refused. He thought it would be unfair and cruel.

When word of the president’s decision got out, a cartoonist for The Washington4 Star newspaper drew a picture of the bear and Roosevelt holding up his hand to say “No.”

The cartoon was seen all over the country, making the president, who was already popular, a hero.

Meanwhile, the owner of a small store in New York asked his wife to make a toy bear for sale. He displayed it in his window with a copy of the cartoon and a sign that said, “Teddy’s Bear.”

That bear, and many others like it, sold big, especially after President Roosevelt gave his official permission for his name to be used. Finally, the s was dropped and Teddy’s Bear became simply the teddy bear.

So the bear that you’ve slept with is really a part of our country’s history.


1 united Yfmz2c     
  • The whole nation is closely united.全国人民紧密团结。
  • The two men were united by community of interests.共同的利益使两个人结合在一起。
2 disagreement suFx6     
  • They were in disagreement about the move to Cambridge.他们在是否迁居剑桥方面有争议。
  • I hope this disagreement does not divide us.我希望意见不同不至于使我们分道扬镳。
3 captured 2f77656f4c6180990cee5ce65bdefe74     
俘获( capture的过去式和过去分词 ); 夺取; 夺得; 引起(注意、想像、兴趣)
  • Allied troops captured over 300 enemy soldiers. 盟军俘虏了300多名敌方士兵。
  • Most of the rebels were captured and disarmed. 大部分叛乱分子被俘获并解除了武装。
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  • His birthplace is Washington,but he lives in San Francisco.他出生于华盛顿,但住在旧金山。
  • They, together with my father,have gone to Washington.他们和我父亲一起去华盛顿了。
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