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During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476B.C.). There was a man whose name was Yu Boya. Yu boya famous music master at that time,  having a good command of the temperament1 and superb skills in playing the musical instrument. He was bright and eager to learn when he was young. He had formally acknowledged several experts as his teachers, and his skills in playing the musical instrument had already reached a fairly high level. But he still felt that he could not superbly express the various things which had deeply impressed him. Knowing what was in his mind, his teacher took him to the penglai Island, a fabled2 abode3 of immortals4, on the East China Sea by boat. On the island, his teacher let him enjoy the natural scenarios5 and listen to the roaring of the great waves. looking into the distance, Boya saw that the waves were turbulent and that the white breakers leapt skywards. Sea birds were circling in the air, and their crying was very pleasant to the ear. Trees were green and intriguing6 feeling welled up in his mind, as if he had heard the harmonious7 and charming music of nature. He couldn't help taking his musical instrument and playing it. He followed his inclinations8 while he was playing, and incorporated the beautiful nature with his music, thus reaching a realm of thought he had never experienced before. Seeing this, the teacher said to hime, ''You have mastered the art of playing."
Once, on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, he was boating for sight-seeing. The moon was bright and a cool breeze was blowing gently. With myriads9 of thoughts welling up in his mind, he began to play the musical instrument. The melodious10 music became more and more beautiful when a man on the bank shouted "Bravo!" Hearing the shouting, Boya came out of the boat, and saw a woodcutter standing11 on the bank. He knew that this man was keenly appreciative12 of his talents, because he understood his music. He immediately invited the woodcutter to his boat and , full of zest13, he played the musical instrument for him. When Boya played a piece of music eulogizing the high mountains, the woodcutter said, "wonderful! The melody is as magnificent and dignified14 as Mount Tai which reaches to the sky!" When he played a piece of music depicting15 the turbulent waves, the woodcutter said, "Wonderful! The melody is as vast and mighty16 as the great rivers!" Boya was excited, and siad, "Bosom17 friend! You are really my bosom friend!"That woodcutter was Zhong Ziqi. Since then, they had been very good friends.
This story appears in The Works of Lie Zi. From this story, people havederived the set phrase "high mountain and running water" to refer to understanding and appreciative friends. This set phrase is also used to refer to melodious music.


1 temperament 7INzf     
  • The analysis of what kind of temperament you possess is vital.分析一下你有什么样的气质是十分重要的。
  • Success often depends on temperament.成功常常取决于一个人的性格。
2 fabled wt7zCV     
  • For the first week he never actually saw the fabled Jack. 第一周他实际上从没见到传说中的杰克。
  • Aphrodite, the Greek goddness of love, is fabled to have been born of the foam of the sea. 希腊爱神阿美罗狄蒂据说是诞生于海浪泡沫之中。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
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  • It was ten months before my father discovered his abode.父亲花了十个月的功夫,才好不容易打听到他的住处。
  • Welcome to our humble abode!欢迎光临寒舍!
4 immortals 75abd022a606c3ab4cced2e31d1b2b25     
不朽的人物( immortal的名词复数 ); 永生不朽者
  • Nobody believes in the myth about human beings becoming immortals. 谁也不相信人能成仙的神话。
  • Shakespeare is one of the immortals. 莎士比亚是不朽的人物之一。
5 scenarios f7c7eeee199dc0ef47fe322cc223be88     
  • Further, graphite cores may be safer than non-graphite cores under some accident scenarios. 再者,根据一些事故解说,石墨堆芯可比非石墨堆芯更安全一些。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
  • Again, scenarios should make it clear which modes are acceptable to users in various contexts. 同样,我们可以运用场景剧本来搞清楚在不同情境下哪些模式可被用户接受。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
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  • It all sounds very intriguing. 这些听起来都很有趣。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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  • The room was painted in harmonious colors.房间油漆得色彩调和。
8 inclinations 3f0608fe3c993220a0f40364147caa7b     
倾向( inclination的名词复数 ); 倾斜; 爱好; 斜坡
  • She has artistic inclinations. 她有艺术爱好。
  • I've no inclinations towards life as a doctor. 我的志趣不是行医。
9 myriads d4014a179e3e97ebc9e332273dfd32a4     
n.无数,极大数量( myriad的名词复数 )
  • Each galaxy contains myriads of stars. 每一星系都有无数的恒星。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The sky was set with myriads of stars. 无数星星点缀着夜空。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
10 melodious gCnxb     
  • She spoke in a quietly melodious voice.她说话轻声细语,嗓音甜美。
  • Everybody was attracted by her melodious voice.大家都被她悦耳的声音吸引住了。
11 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
12 appreciative 9vDzr     
  • She was deeply appreciative of your help.她对你的帮助深表感激。
  • We are very appreciative of their support in this respect.我们十分感谢他们在这方面的支持。
13 zest vMizT     
  • He dived into his new job with great zest.他充满热情地投入了新的工作。
  • He wrote his novel about his trip to Asia with zest.他兴趣浓厚的写了一本关于他亚洲之行的小说。
14 dignified NuZzfb     
  • Throughout his trial he maintained a dignified silence. 在整个审讯过程中,他始终沉默以保持尊严。
  • He always strikes such a dignified pose before his girlfriend. 他总是在女友面前摆出这种庄严的姿态。
15 depicting eaa7ce0ad4790aefd480461532dd76e4     
描绘,描画( depict的现在分词 ); 描述
  • a painting depicting the Virgin and Child 一幅描绘童贞马利亚和圣子耶稣的画
  • The movie depicting the battles and bloodshed is bound to strike home. 这部描写战斗和流血牺牲的影片一定会取得预期效果。
16 mighty YDWxl     
  • A mighty force was about to break loose.一股巨大的力量即将迸发而出。
  • The mighty iceberg came into view.巨大的冰山出现在眼前。
17 bosom Lt9zW     
  • She drew a little book from her bosom.她从怀里取出一本小册子。
  • A dark jealousy stirred in his bosom.他内心生出一阵恶毒的嫉妒。
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