The Dog,the Cock and the Fox
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A dog and a cock1 were good friends and they were traveling together. When night came on, the cock flew up to a tree and slept there, and the dog found a hollow2 in the same tree and slept in it.
When the morning came, the cock woke up and began to crow. A hungry fox heard this crow and wanted to get the cock for his dinner. Then the fox said to the cock, "What a beautiful morning this is! I want to talk to you. You have a very sweet voice. Won't you come down and have a chat with me?"
"Thank you, Mr. Fox. But how about your coming up here? It is very nice and cool here," replied the cock.
"All right, I will. But how can I get up?" asked the fox.
"Just go round the trunk below me, and wake my servant in a hollow. He will open the door for you," said the cock.
The fox came near the hollow. And the dog rushed out, sprang upon the fox and killed it at once.


1 cock RWCye     
  • The cock is crowing.这只公鸡正在啼鸣。
  • The cloud was in the shape of a cock.那云成公鸡形。
2 hollow qrXzTP     
  • The boys scraped out a hollow place for planting trees.那些孩子挖了个坑准备栽树。
  • Bamboo is a sort of hollow plant.竹子是一种中空的植物。
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