The Story of Big Ears
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This happened a long, long time ago. Humans had big ears then. And they would flap1 in the wind.

Their ears were so big that they found a use for them. Sometimes they would lie down upon one ear, using it as a mattress2. Other times they would cover themselves up with the other ear. The ears were warm and soft blankets. The ears were very useful. With them, humans could hear really well, stay warm, and even, flap away the flies.

One day, something terrible happened. God was out hunting and he killed what he thought was an animal. He heard a scream from the point where he had sent his arrow3. It did not sound like an animal at all. God rushed to the spot. He was horrified4.

In front of him lay the injured5 human. God had mistaken man for an animal. It was the big ears that had fooled him. He became very sad. He had not meant to kill a human being. He had to do something so that he never made that mistake again.

To make up for his mistake, God cut off the man's big ears. He then brought him back to life. Since then, humans have had small ears. Now humans cannot hear as well as many animals, and they certainly need blankets to stay warm. Most of all, they cannot flap a fly away.


1 flap vgQza     
  • Although I moistened it,the flap doesn't stick to the envelope.我把信封弄湿了,可是信封口盖还是粘不上。
  • With a flap of its wings the sparrow flew off.麻雀忒儿一声飞了。
2 mattress Z7wzi     
  • The straw mattress needs to be aired.草垫子该晾一晾了。
  • The new mattress I bought sags in the middle.我买的新床垫中间陷了下去。
3 arrow 9NvyE     
  • He was shot in the shoulder with an arrow.他的肩膀被箭射中。
  • The letter was nailed to the wall with an arrow.一支箭把信钉在了墙上。
4 horrified 8rUzZU     
  • The whole country was horrified by the killings. 全国都对这些凶杀案感到大为震惊。
  • We were horrified at the conditions prevailing in local prisons. 地方监狱的普遍状况让我们震惊。
5 injured fqIzAN     
  • Our best defender is injured and won't be able to play today.我们最佳的防守员受伤了,今天不能参加比赛。
  • The injured men have been dug out of the snow.受伤人员从雪中被挖了出来。
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