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  Cinderella; Stepmother; Stepsister 1; Stepsister2; Godmother; Prince; Guard (Duke). Birdies and the mice. (Both two children)
  Act 1
  Once upon a time there lived a kind and lovely girl. She was so kind even to the mice, and the birdies are her good friends. Every morning the birdies woke her up from her dream with their sweet songs.
  Cinderella: Good morning, Birdies!
  Birds: Good morning, Cinderella!
  But after her father's death, her stepmother became cruel to her. Her two stepsisters teased1 her, asking her to do all the housework. ( 从前有一位可爱善良的姑娘,她父亲很早就去世了.但是她的继母经常虐待她,继母带来的两个孩子也经常欺负她,她们把灰姑娘当女佣一样使唤。)Stepmother:
  Go to do the laundry2 and clean the floors right away.
  Cinderella: Yes mother!
  Stepsister1: Cinderella! Get my sweater and my gloves for me. It is so cold.
  Cinderella: Yes sister!
  Stepsister2: Hurry up!!! Where is my breakfast?
  I'm to be late for my date.
  Cinderella: Ok I am cooking for you, my dear sister!
  Cruel as her stepmother and her sisters were to her, Cinderella still lived an optimistic3 life.虽然继母这样对她,可灰姑娘还是乐观地活着。
  Act 2One day, the king held a party for the prince to choose a girl he loved. Every maid4 in the town was invited to the party. The guard sent the message to every family.一天,国王要让王子自己选择心爱的人,为王子举办了一个宫廷舞会,邀请城里所有的姑娘参加。侍卫兵把这个消息传达到每个家庭。
  Guard: The prince will hold royal ball at the palace, every girl is invited to the ball that night. And the prince will choose the most beautiful girl as his wife on the ball.
  Stepmother: Every girl is invited and one lucky girl would be the prince’s wife! Oh! What a great message!
  Cinderella: That means5 I can go to the ball too?
  Stepsister1: You can go? Go to the royal ball? Dancing with the prince? Imaging!
  Stepsister2: She is only fit to dance with a broom6! Ha ha ha!
  Cinderella: But it says every girl is invited!
  Stepmother: So it does. You may go, if you can get all the housework done, and find something to wear. Now go to clean the floor!
  Cinderella: But, but I just cleaned it this morning.
  Stepmother: Clean it again! (Shouting) Then cook meals for us. We will go to the ball tonight.
  Stepsisters: Ha ha ha! ( Laughing! )
  Her stepmother was so cruel to Cinderella that her animal friends show sympathy7 to her.
  Birdie 1: Cinderella, do this!
  Birdie 2: Cinderella, do that!
  Mice: Cinderella will never have time to go to the ball.
  Dancing with the prince and become his wife!
  Birdies: Oh! Poor Cinderella~~!
  The stepmother was jealous8 of Cinderella's beauty, so she took her two daughters to the party, leaving Cinderella at home. She was broken-hearted. At that time, the fairy godmother appeared.可是继母嫉妒灰姑娘的美貌,让灰姑娘在家干活,独自带着女儿去了。灰姑娘非常地伤心,就在这个时候圣母出现了。Cinderella: There's nothing left to believe in. Nothing!
  Godmother: Nothing, my dear? Oh, now you don't really mean that.
  Cinderella: Oh, but I do.
  Godmother: Nonsense9, child!If you'd lost all your faith, I couldn't be here.
  And here I am! Oh, come here now. Dry your tears!
  Cinderella: Why then, you must be...为什么你一定在。。。
  Godmother: Your fairy godmother? Of course. Now let's see, hmm...now...the magic words. Ma-di-ga-Ka-da-bra!
  After the magic words, Cinderella wearied10 a pretty dress. The mice turned to be two horses, and birdies turned to be her waiters. And a beautiful mache appeared in front of her.
  Cinderella: Oh, beautiful! What a beautiful dress! And a Mache!
  It's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true.噢,它太美丽了!象一个梦,一个美好的梦想变成了现实。
  Godmother: Hop11 in my dear, we can’t waste time!
  Godmother: Yes, my child, but like all dreams, well, my dream will end. At midnight the bell will be broken.
  是的,我的孩子,象所有的梦一样, 这一切在午夜的钟声响起的时候时候就会结束~~~~
  Cinderella: Midnight? Oh, thank you. I promise to be home before midnight.午夜?噢,谢谢你。我保证在午夜之前赶回家.
  Godmother: Bless you, my child.


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v.取笑,戏弄( tease的过去式和过去分词 );梳理(羊毛等)
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