Baa Baa Black Sheep
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There lived a black sheep in a nearby village. Every spring, he shaved his black wool and sold it to the villagers. The villagers made sweaters and socks from his black wool. 
One day, the black sheep noticed that he had some more wool left. He thought, ‘It would be such a waste if nobody wants to buy the wool.’ 
That afternoon, an old man came over to his wooden shed1 to see him. He wanted one bag full of the black sheep’s wool. Then an old woman came over. She also wanted a bag full of wool. A short while later, a little boy arrived. He also wanted one bag full of wool.
Therefore, the black sheep prepared three bags full of wool for them. He was happy that all of his wool was sold off. 
Moral2 of the story : 
We should be generous3 and helpful with what we have. We should be patient and not give up. 


1 shed sESzm     
n.车棚,小屋,脱落之物,分水岭;vt.使流出,放射,脱落,散发,摆脱;vi. 流出
  • There are a lot of straws in the shed.棚子里有许多稻草。
  • His nose told him that he was getting near the cow shed.他的嗅觉告诉他,他正走近牛棚。
2 moral 36oz9     
  • Moral beauty ought to be ranked above all other beauty.品德之美应列于其他美之上。
  • He deceived us into believing that he could give us moral support.他骗得我们相信他能给我们道义上的支持。
3 generous mgTxq     
  • She was kind and generous.她心地善良,宽容大量。
  • She was generous with her money.她很乐于仗义疏财。
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