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The moon appears to be a tranquil1(安静的) place, but modeling done by University of New Hampshire and NASA scientists suggests that, over the eons, periodic storms of solar energetic particles may have significantly altered the properties of the soil in the moon's coldest craters2 through the process of sparking -- a finding that could change our understanding of the evolution of planetary surfaces in the solar system. The study, published recently in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, proposes that high-energy particles from uncommon4, large solar storms penetrate5 the moon's frigid6, polar regions and electrically charge the soil. The charging may create sparking, or electrostatic breakdown7, and this "breakdown weathering" process has possibly changed the very nature of the moon's polar soil, suggesting that permanently8 shadowed regions, which hold clues to our solar system's past, may be more active than previously9 thought.
"Decoding10 the history recorded within these cold, dark craters requires understanding what processes affect their soil," says Andrew Jordan of the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, lead author of the paper. "To that end, we built a computer model to estimate how high-energy particles detected by the Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (CRaTER3) instrument on board NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) can create significant electric fields in the top layer of lunar soil."
The scientists also used data from the Electron, Proton, and Alpha Monitor (EPAM) on the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE). CRaTER, which is led by scientists from UNH, and EPAM both detect high-energy particles, including solar energetic particles (SEPs). SEPs, after being created by solar storms, stream through space and bombard the moon. These particles can build up electric charges faster than the soil can dissipate(驱散) them and may cause sparking, particularly in the polar cold of permanently shadowed regions -- unique lunar sites as cold as minus 240 degrees Celsius11 and known to contain water ice.
Says Jordan, "Sparking is a process in which electrons, released from the soil grains by strong electric fields, race through the material so quickly that they vaporize little channels." Repeated sparking with each large solar storm could gradually grow these channels large enough to fragment the grains, disintegrating12 the soil into smaller particles of distinct minerals, Jordan and colleagues hypothesize.
The next phase of this research will involve investigating whether other instruments aboard LRO could detect evidence for sparking in lunar soil, as well as improving the model to better understand the process and its consequences.
"If breakdown weathering occurs on the moon, then it has important implications for our understanding of the evolution of planetary surfaces in the solar system, especially in extremely cold regions that are exposed to harsh radiation from space," says coauthor Timothy Stubbs of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


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adj. 安静的, 宁静的, 稳定的, 不变的
  • The boy disturbed the tranquil surface of the pond with a stick. 那男孩用棍子打破了平静的池面。
  • The tranquil beauty of the village scenery is unique. 这乡村景色的宁静是绝无仅有的。
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n.火山口( crater的名词复数 );弹坑等
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  • The battlefield was full of craters made by exploding shells. 战场上布满弹坑。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
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4 uncommon AlPwO     
  • Such attitudes were not at all uncommon thirty years ago.这些看法在30年前很常见。
  • Phil has uncommon intelligence.菲尔智力超群。
5 penetrate juSyv     
  • Western ideas penetrate slowly through the East.西方观念逐渐传入东方。
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7 breakdown cS0yx     
  • She suffered a nervous breakdown.她患神经衰弱。
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9 previously bkzzzC     
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10 decoding b888b2fd35f4dd1fafb025cc18212418     
n.译码,解码v.译(码),解(码)( decode的现在分词 );分析及译解电子信号
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  • Examples using the 8250 will be presented in hardware section to clarify full-decoding schemes. 在硬件一节中有应用说明全译码方案8250的例子。 来自辞典例句
11 Celsius AXRzl     
  • The temperature tonight will fall to seven degrees Celsius.今晚气温将下降到七摄氏度。
  • The maximum temperature in July may be 36 degrees Celsius.七月份最高温度可能达到36摄氏度。
12 disintegrating 9d32d74678f9504e3a8713641951ccdf     
v.(使)破裂[分裂,粉碎],(使)崩溃( disintegrate的现在分词 )
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  • Soil animals increase the speed of litter breakdown by disintegrating tissue. 土壤动物通过分解组织,加速落叶层降解的速度。 来自辞典例句
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