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For the first time, scientists can see pathways to stop a deadly brain cancer in its tracks. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have imaged individual cancer cells and the routes they travel as the tumor1 spreads. The researchers used a novel cryo-imaging technique to obtain the unprecedented2 look at a mouse model of glioblastoma multiforme(多形性成胶质细胞瘤) , a particularly aggressive cancer that has no treatments to stop it from spreading.

A description of their work, and images, is being published Sept. 1 in the journal Cancer Research.

"We're able to see things we couldn't before, and we can use these images to understand how tumor cells invade and disperse3(分散,传播) ," said Susann M. Brady-Kalnay, a professor of molecular4 biology and microbiology at the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, and senior author of the paper.

That information, in turn, can be used to help develop and test the effectiveness of drugs and other therapies used to treat the cancer, she said.

To obtain the view, the scientists used a model that included four different cell lines of brain cancers at various stages of tumor development and dispersion. The cancer cells were modified with fluorescent5 markers and implanted in the model's brain in collaboration6 with Biomedical Engineering Professor James Basilion's lab.

The cryo-imaging system, developed by David Wilson, also a professor of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve, disassembles the brain layer by layer and reassembles the model into a color three-dimensional digital image.

Using software and algorithms(算法) designed by the researchers, they are able to differentiate7 the main tumor mass, the blood vessels8 that feed the cancer and dispersing9 cells. The imaging system enables them to peer at single cells and see exactly where they are in the brain.

The lead researchers, Susan Burden-Gulley, Mohammed Qutaish and Kristin Sullivant, found that two cell lines, a human brain cancer LN229, and a rodent10 cancer CNS-1, best resemble the actions of glioblastoma multiforme in human patients.

Reconstructions11 of models of those two lines enabled the researchers to analyze12 the extent and patterns of cancer cell migration13 and dispersal from tumors along blood vessels and white matter tracts14 within the brain.

The ability to produce such clear and detailed15 images, the researchers say, will be invaluable16 when evaluating the potency17 of drugs and other therapies designed to block dispersal of glioblastoma multiforme cells.


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