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There has been controversy1 about whether life originated in a hot or cold environment, and about whether enough time has elapsed(消逝) for life to have evolved to its present complexity2. But new research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel3 Hill investigating the effect of temperature on extremely slow chemical reactions suggests that the time required for evolution on a warm earth is shorter than critics might expect.

The findings are published in the Dec. 1, 2010, online early edition of the Proceedings4 of the National Academy of Sciences.

Enzymes6, proteins that jump-start chemical reactions, are essential to life within cells of the human body and throughout nature. These molecules7 have gradually evolved to become more sophisticated and specific, said lead investigator8 Richard Wolfenden, PhD, Alumni Distinguished9 Professor of biochemistry and biophysics at UNC School of Medicine.

To appreciate how powerful modern enzymes are, and the process of how they evolved, scientists need to know how quickly reactions occur in their absence.

Wolfenden's group measured the speed of chemical reactions, estimating that some of them take more than 2 billion years without an enzyme5.

In the process of measuring slow reaction rates, "it gradually dawned on(被理解,明朗化) us that the slowest reactions are also the most temperature-dependent," Wolfenden said.

In general, the amount of influence temperature has on reaction speeds varies drastically(彻底地,激烈地) , the group found. In one slow reaction, for instance, raising the temperature from 25 to 100 degrees Celsius10 increases the rate 10 million fold. "That is a shocker," Wolfenden said. "That's what's going to surprise people most, as it did me."

That is surprising, Wolfenden said, because a textbook rule in chemistry — for more than a century —has been that the influence of temperature is modest. In particular, a doubling in reaction rate occurs when the temperature rises 10 degree Celsius, according to experiments done in 1866.

High temperatures were probably a crucial influence on reaction rates when life began forming in hot springs and submarine vents11(通风管) , Wolfenden said. Later, the cooling of the earth provided selective pressure for primitive12 enzymes to evolve and become more sophisticated, the Wolfenden's group hypothesizes.

Using two different reaction catalysts13 — which are not protein enzymes but that may have resembled early precursors14 to enzymes — the group put the hypothesis to the test. The catalyzed15 reactions are indeed far less sensitive to temperature, compared with reactions that are accelerated by catalysts. The results are consistent with our hypothesis(假设) , Wolfenden said.

Wolfenden's group plans to test the hypothesis using other catalysts. In the meantime, these findings are likely to influence how scientists think of the first primitive(原始的,远古的) forms of life on earth, and may affect how researchers design and enhance the power of artificial catalysts, he added.


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