Study sheds light on microscopic flower petal ridges
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Microscopic微观的 ridges2带钢单向皱纹 contouring the surface of flower petals3 might play a role in flashing that come-hither look pollinating授粉 insects can't resist. Michigan State University scientists and colleagues now have figured out how those form. The result could help researchers learn to enhance plants' pollination4 success and even could lead to high-grip nanomaterials and "green chemical" feedstocks原料.

"Surprisingly, our work on plant surface biochemistry became a birds and bees and flowers story," said John Ohlrogge, MSU University Distinguished5 Professor of plant biology. "It's a fundamental property of plant flowers, and we've discovered a basis of how these ridges are made."

Known for 75 years, the exact biological function and nature of the flower nanoridges still eludes逃避,躲避 scientists. They might help pollinating insects grip petals, and retain glistening7 water droplets水滴 that could attract the visitors. Because the ridges' spacing is approximately that of visible and ultraviolet light紫外线 wavelengths9, moreover, some recent research suggests they produce an iridescent10彩虹色的,闪光的 shimmer微光,闪光 that attracts pollinators.

To start, visiting professor Mike Pollard and former Ohlrogge post-doctoral research associates Fred Beisson and Yonghua Li tapped new genetic12 information to find a mutated strain of the standard research plant Arabidopsis thaliana拟南芥,阿拉伯芥 -- mustard芥菜,芥末 weed. The petals have no such nanoridges because the mutation13 inhibits14 production of a polymer聚合物 that forms the plant cuticle15表皮,角质层, which separates cell walls from plants' waxy16 surfaces.

Examining the mutant plants' flowers and comparing them to normal mustard plants under scanning electron microscopes, the researchers found that the ridges form from cutin角质,蜡状层 polyester聚酯, not from underlying17 surfaces as some have speculated. How that occurs -- from surface folding or uneven18 synthesis综合,合成 of cutin polymer across the cell wall, for example, has yet to be learned.

But the research will open doors to further research based on cuticular19表皮的 nanostructures, the researchers noted20 in latest recent edition of the journal Proceedings21 of the National Academy of Sciences.

"That could include production of polyesters or related basic chemicals by genetically22 manipulating plants or microbes" said Beisson, now at Aix Marseille Université in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France.


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