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We all need a little pampering1 from time to time and the animal world is no exception. Creatures from the same species, and frequently from a completely different one, engage in a variety of cleaning and grooming2 behaviours for a wide range of disparate reasons. So slip on a fluffy3 robe, lie back, relax and enjoy a mini spa day courtesy of these beautiful bathing beasts.
Let’s start at the top shall we? It’s a familiar, practically iconic, image. A group of primates4, huddled5 together, grooming one another. Delicately picking at, and stroking, the fur of a companion and popping the occasional tasty morsel6 into their mouths. But what purpose does it serve? This allogrooming, or tending to the pelt7 of a member of the same species, is certainly social, used to indicate dominant8 social structure as well as to help fend9 off disease from germ-carrying parasites10 or ticks. But there are other, more surprising benefits. In macaques, this sort of attention has been shown to reduce heart rate and alleviate11 stress, while a study of vervet monkeys has shown that grooming helps to insulate their fur by fluffing it up like a duvet.
Sometimes a grooming or cleaning regime helps to reach the parts that other grooming can’t reach. Honey bees are fastidious cleaners. Through millions of years of evolution, they instinctually know that their hive has to be kept completely clean of microbes and any other germ-ridden threat from the outside world. Which is tricky12, as they tend to deal in the transportation of sticky substances such as pollen13 and propolis, or ‘bee glue’ which is used to construct their hives. To make sure they are free of such residue14, a specially15 designated worker bee will clean the mouth parts, antenna16 and any other bits of the insect that they can’t quite reach themselves.
But you don’t have to rely on members of your own clan17 to help keep spick and span. Some quite extraordinary, symbiotic18 relationships have developed between differing species which occasionally involve creatures that would usually be viewed as predator19 and prey20. One of the more remarkable21 involves the Nile Crocodile and the Egyptian Plover22. Against every natural instinct pulsating23 through its little bird brain, the plover flies into the croc’s mouth and frees food that’s stuck to their not insubstantial teeth. As well as the birds getting a quick snack, it helps to stave off infection that trapped morsels24 can cause in the crocodile’s mouth.
If you’ve ever known or been in close contact with a cat, you’ll appreciate that they have a tendency to be needy26. And kneady. Yes, cats love to knead. They push on a surface - another cat, a cushion, their owners - with a distinctive27 left paw, right paw motion, as if they are massaging28 whatever they are touching29. Or possibly making bread. But why do they do it? In fact, no one is really sure. One theory is it’s a throwback to kittenhood, when it was a technique used to start the flow of milk from their mother’s teat, so they repeat it when feeling safe and content. Another notion is that it harkens back to ancestral big cat behaviour, when they would trample30 down a soft space before sleeping or giving birth. Or else it’s a territorial31 thing, marking a spot with the scent32 glands33 on their paws. Nothing is ever straightforward34 with cats.
Thankfully, that strange craze for fish being used to nibble35 dead skin from people’s feet as a form of pedicure has passed by. Unless you’re a hippo. Hippos are known for being incredibly bad-tempered36 and quick to anger. So most animals steer37 well clear of them once they appear. Except for the wily barb38 fish who shadows a wallowing hippo as it relaxes on a riverbed, then nibbles39 and chews at its patient’s skin, removing parasites and unwanted intruders from any cracks and scars on the surface. They even delve40 into the hippo’s mouth for a quick dental check. Rather than being annoyed, the hippo seems to enjoy the experience and then actually goes into a sort of trance after being attended to, lying in the water, eyes closed and without a care in the world.
It may appear to be an unfeeling shield of bone, but the shell of the Hawaiian green sea turtle is covered in living skin and needs to be looked after. Many types of fish, such as the striking yellow tang fish, line up to clean algae41 from their shells, acting42 like a sort of ‘fish car wash’. The turtles even adopt a specific, ‘standing on tiptoe’ posture43, so every inch of them can be dealt with. Some researchers believe that the turtles don’t necessarily appreciate why the algae needs to be removed, or even if it necessarily has to be cleaned at all, and so they partake in this behaviour merely for the pleasant tickling44 sensation it produces.


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