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Hello! My name is Drizzle1. I am a tiny water drop.

Whew! The sun is heating me up! I am getting smaller and smaller.

Oh! I am going up! Up! Up! Into a cloud! Whee!

Look at them. They look just like me.

It is really cool up here. I like this place.

Hey! Look at me! I am getting bigger and bigger.

Oh, no! I am too big and heavy! I am falling from the sky!

Where am I now? Oh, I am in a river.

My friends are falling onto the ground. They are seeping2 into the ground.

Now this river is moving fast! Oh, no. A waterfall!

What is this place? Oh! I am being cleaned!

It's dark in here. Where am I going now?

Ohh! "Splash!" Wow! Here I am again!


1 drizzle Mrdxn     
  • The shower tailed off into a drizzle.阵雨越来越小,最后变成了毛毛雨。
  • Yesterday the radio forecast drizzle,and today it is indeed raining.昨天预报有小雨,今天果然下起来了。
2 seeping 8181ac52fbc576574e83aa4f98c40445     
v.(液体)渗( seep的现在分词 );渗透;渗出;漏出
  • Water had been slowly seeping away from the pond. 池塘里的水一直在慢慢渗漏。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Chueh-hui could feel the cold seeping into his bones. 觉慧开始觉得寒气透过衣服浸到身上来了。 来自汉英文学 - 家(1-26) - 家(1-26)
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