Twilight 暮光之城:暮色 Chapter 20 Impatience
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When I woke up I was confused. My thoughts were hazy1, still twisted up indreams and nightmares; it took me longer than it should have to realizewhere I was.
This room was too bland2 to belong anywhere but in a hotel. The bedsidelamps, bolted to the tables, were a dead giveaway, as were the longdrapes made from the same fabric3 as the bedspread, and the genericwatercolor prints on the walls.
I tried to remember how I got here, but nothing came at first.
I did remember the sleek4 black car, the glass in the windows darker thanthat on a limousine5. The engine was almost silent, though we'd racedacross the black freeways at more than twice the legal speed.
And I remembered Alice sitting with me on the dark leather backseat.
Somehow, during the long night, my head had ended up against her graniteneck. My closeness didn't seem to bother her at all, and her cool, hardskin was oddly comforting to me. The front of her thin cotton shirt wascold, damp with the tears that streamed from my eyes until, red and sore,they ran dry.
Sleep had evaded6 me; my aching eyes strained open even though the nightfinally ended and dawn broke over a low peak somewhere in California. Thegray light, streaking7 across the cloudless sky, stung my eyes. But Icouldn't close them; when I did, the images that flashed all too vividly,like still slides behind my lids, were unbearable8. Charlie's brokenexpression — Edward's brutal9 snarl10, teeth bared — Rosalie's resentfulglare — the keen-eyed scrutiny11 of the tracker — the dead look in Edward'seyes after he kissed me the last time… I couldn't stand to see them. So Ifought against my weariness and the sun rose higher.
I was still awake when we came through a shallow mountain pass and thesun, behind us now, reflected off the tiled rooftops of the Valley of theSun. I didn't have enough emotion left to be surprised that we'd made athree-day journey in one. I stared blankly at the wide, flat expanse laidout in front of me. Phoenix12 — the palm trees, the scrubby creosote, thehaphazard lines of the intersecting freeways, the green swaths of golfcourses and turquoise13 splotches of swimming pools, all submerged in athin smog and embraced by the short, rocky ridges14 that weren't really bigenough to be called mountains.
The shadows of the palm trees slanted15 across the freeway — defined,sharper than I remembered, paler than they should be. Nothing could hidein these shadows. The bright, open freeway seemed benign16 enough. But Ifelt no relief, no sense of homecoming.
"Which way to the airport, Bella?" Jasper had asked, and I flinched,though his voice was quite soft and un-alarming. It was the first sound,besides the purr of the car, to break the long night's silence.
"Stay on the I-ten," I'd answered automatically. "We'll pass right by it."My brain had worked slowly through the fog of sleep deprivation17.
"Are we flying somewhere?" I'd asked Alice.
"No, but it's better to be close, just in case."I remembered beginning the loop around Sky Harbor International… but notending it. I suppose that must have been when I'd fallen asleep.
Though, now that I'd chased the memories down, I did have a vagueimpression of leaving the car — the sun was just falling behind thehorizon — my arm draped over Alice's shoulder and her arm firm around mywaist, dragging me along as I stumbled through the warm, dry shadows.
I had no memory of this room.
I looked at the digital clock on the nightstand. The red numbers claimedit was three o'clock, but they gave no indication if it was night or day.
No edge of light escaped the thick curtains, but the room was bright withthe light from the lamps.
I rose stiffly and staggered to the window, pulling back the drapes.
It was dark outside. Three in the morning, then. My room looked out on adeserted section of the freeway and the new long-term parking garage forthe airport. It was slightly comforting to be able to pinpoint18 time andplace.
I looked down at myself. I was still wearing Esme's clothes, and theydidn't fit very well at all. I looked around the room, glad when Idiscovered my duffel bag on top of the low dresser.
I was on my way to find new clothes when a light tap on the door made mejump.
"Can I come in?" Alice asked.
I took a deep breath. "Sure."She walked in, and looked me over cautiously. "You look like you couldsleep longer," she said.
I just shook my head.
She drifted silently to the curtains and closed them securely beforeturning back to me.
"We'll need to stay inside," she told me.
"Okay." My voice was hoarse19; it cracked.
"Thirsty?" she asked.
I shrugged20. "I'm okay. How about you?""Nothing unmanageable." She smiled. "I ordered some food for you, it's inthe front room. Edward reminded me that you have to eat a lot morefrequently than we do."I was instantly more alert. "He called?""No," she said, and watched as my face fell. "It was before we left."She took my hand carefully and led me through the door into the livingroom of the hotel suite21. I could hear a low buzz of voices coming fromthe TV. Jasper sat motionlessly at the desk in the corner, his eyeswatching the news with no glimmer22 of interest.
I sat on the floor next to the coffee table, where a tray of food waited,and began picking at it without noticing what I was eating.
Alice perched on the arm of the sofa and stared blankly at the TV likeJasper.
I ate slowly, watching her, turning now and then to glance quickly atJasper. It began to dawn on me that they were too still. They neverlooked away from the screen, though commercials were playing now. Ipushed the tray away, my stomach abruptly23 uneasy. Alice looked down at me.
"What's wrong, Alice?" I asked.
"Nothing's wrong." Her eyes were wide, honest… and I didn't trust them.
"What do we do now?""We wait for Carlisle to call.""And should he have called by now?" I could see that I was near the mark.
Alice's eyes flitted from mine to the phone on top of her leather bag andback.
"What does that mean?" My voice quavered, and I fought to control it.
"That he hasn't called yet?""It just means that they don't have anything to tell us."But her voice was too even, and the air was harder to breathe.
Jasper was suddenly beside Alice, closer to me than usual.
"Bella," he said in a suspiciously soothing24 voice. "You have nothing toworry about. You are completely safe here.""I know that.""Then why are you frightened?" he asked, confused. He might feel thetenor of my emotions, but he couldn't read the reasons behind them.
"You heard what Laurent said." My voice was just a whisper, but I wassure they could hear me. "He said James was lethal25. What if somethinggoes wrong, and they get separated? If something happens to any of them,Carlisle, Emmett… Edward…" I gulped26. "If that wild female hurts Esme…" Myvoice had grown higher, a note of hysteria beginning to rise in it. "Howcould I live with myself when it's my fault? None of you should berisking yourselves for me —""Bella, Bella, stop," he interrupted me, his words pouring out so quicklythey were hard to understand. "You're worrying about all the wrongthings, Bella. Trust me on this — none of us are in jeopardy27. You areunder too much strain as it is; don't add to it with wholly unnecessaryworries. Listen to me!" he ordered, for I had looked away. "Our family isstrong. Our only fear is losing you.""But why should you —"Alice interrupted this time, touching28 my cheek with her cold fingers.
"It's been almost a century that Edward's been alone. Now he's found you.
You can't see the changes that we see, we who have been with him for solong. Do you think any of us want to look into his eyes for the nexthundred years if he loses you?"My guilt29 slowly subsided30 as I looked into her dark eyes. But, even as thecalm spread over me, I knew I couldn't trust my feelings with Jasperthere.
It was a very long day.
We stayed in the room. Alice called down to the front desk and asked themto ignore our maid service for now. The windows stayed shut, the TV on,though no one watched it. At regular intervals31, food was delivered forme. The silver phone resting on Alice's bag seemed to grow bigger as thehours passed.
My babysitters handled the suspense32 better than I did. As I fidgeted andpaced, they simply grew more still, two statues whose eyes followed meimperceptibly as I moved. I occupied myself with memorizing the room; thestriped pattern of the couches, tan, peach, cream, dull gold, and tanagain. Sometimes I stared at the abstract prints, randomly33 findingpictures in the shapes, like I'd found pictures in the clouds as a child.
I traced a blue hand, a woman combing her hair, a cat stretching. Butwhen the pale red circle became a staring eye, I looked away.
As the afternoon wore on, I went back to bed, simply for something to do.
I hoped that by myself in the dark, I could give in to the terrible fearsthat hovered34 on the edge of my consciousness, unable to break throughunder Jasper's careful supervision35.
But Alice followed me casually36, as if by some coincidence she had growntired of the front room at the same time. I was beginning to wonderexactly what sort of instructions Edward had given her. I lay across the bed, and she sat, legs folded, next to me. I ignored her at first,suddenly tired enough to sleep. But after a few minutes, the panic thathad held off in Jasper's presence began to make itself known. I gave upon the idea of sleep quickly then, curling up into a small ball, wrappingmy arms around my legs.
"Alice?" I asked.
"Yes?"I kept my voice very calm. "What do you think they're doing?""Carlisle wanted to lead the tracker as far north as possible, wait forhim to get close, and then turn and ambush37 him. Esme and Rosalie weresupposed to head west as long as they could keep the female behind them.
If she turned around, they were to head back to Forks and keep an eye onyour dad. So I imagine things are going well if they can't call. It meansthe tracker is close enough that they don't want him to overhear.""And Esme?""I think she must be back in Forks. She won't call if there's any chancethe female will overhear. I expect they're all just being very careful.""Do you think they're safe, really?""Bella, how many times do we have to tell you that there's no danger tous?""Would you tell me the truth, though?""Yes. I will always tell you the truth." Her voice was earnest.
I deliberated for a moment, and decided38 she meant it.
"Tell me then… how do you become a vampire39?"My question caught her off guard. She was quiet. I rolled over to look ather, and her expression seemed ambivalent40.
"Edward doesn't want me to tell you that," she said firmly, but I sensedshe didn't agree.
"That's not fair. I think I have a right to know.""I know."I looked at her, waiting.
She sighed. "He'll be extremely angry.""It's none of his business. This is between you and me. Alice, as afriend, I'm begging you." And we were friends now, somehow — as she musthave known we would be all along.
She looked at me with her splendid, wise eyes… choosing.
"I'll tell you the mechanics of it," she said finally, "but I don'tremember it myself, and I've never done it or seen it done, so keep inmind that I can only tell you the theory."I waited.
"As predators41, we have a glut42 of weapons in our physical arsenal43 — much,much more than really necessary. The strength, the speed, the acutesenses, not to mention those of us like Edward, Jasper, and I, who haveextra senses as well. And then, like a carnivorous flower, we arephysically attractive to our prey44."I was very still, remembering how pointedly46 Edward had demonstrated thesame concept for me in the meadow.
She smiled a wide, ominous47 smile. "We have another fairly superfluousweapon. We're also venomous," she said, her teeth glistening50. "The venomdoesn't kill — it's merely incapacitating. It works slowly, spreadingthrough the bloodstream, so that, once bitten, our prey is in too muchphysical pain to escape us. Mostly superfluous48, as I said. If we're thatclose, the prey doesn't escape. Of course, there are always exceptions.
Carlisle, for example.""So… if the venom49 is left to spread…" I murmured.
"It takes a few days for the transformation51 to be complete, depending onhow much venom is in the bloodstream, how close the venom enters to theheart. As long as the heart keeps beating, the poison spreads, healing,changing the body as it moves through it. Eventually the heart stops, andthe conversion52 is finished. But all that time, every minute of it, avictim would be wishing for death."I shivered.
"It's not pleasant, you see.""Edward said that it was very hard to do… I don't quite understand," Isaid.
"We're also like sharks in a way. Once we taste the blood, or even smellit for that matter, it becomes very hard to keep from feeding. Sometimesimpossible. So you see, to actually bite someone, to taste the blood, itwould begin the frenzy53. It's difficult on both sides — the blood-lust onthe one hand, the awful pain on the other.""Why do you think you don't remember?""I don't know. For everyone else, the pain of transformation is thesharpest memory they have of their human life. I remember nothing ofbeing human." Her voice was wistful.
We lay silently, wrapped in our individual meditations54.
The seconds ticked by, and I had almost forgotten her presence, I was soenveloped in my thoughts.
Then, without any warning, Alice leaped from the bed, landing lightly onher feet. My head jerked up as I stared at her, startled.
"Something's changed." Her voice was urgent, and she wasn't talking to meanymore.
She reached the door at the same time Jasper did. He had obviously heardour conversation and her sudden exclamation55. He put his hands on hershoulders and guided her back to the bed, sitting her on the edge.
"What do you see?" he asked intently, staring into her eyes. Her eyeswere focused on something very far away. I sat close to her, leaning into catch her low, quick voice.
"I see a room. It's long, and there are mirrors everywhere. The floor iswooden. He's in the room, and he's waiting. There's gold… a gold stripeacross the mirrors.""Where is the room?""I don't know. Something is missing — another decision hasn't been madeyet.""How much time?""It's soon. He'll be in the mirror room today, or maybe tomorrow. It alldepends. He's waiting for something. And he's in the dark now."Jasper's voice was calm, methodical, as he questioned her in a practicedway. "What is he doing?" "He's watching TV… no, he's running a VCR, in the dark, in another place.""Can you see where he is?""No, it's too dark.""And the mirror room, what else is there?""Just the mirrors, and the gold. It's a band, around the room. Andthere's a black table with a big stereo, and a TV. He's touching the VCRthere, but he doesn't watch the way he does in the dark room. This is theroom where he waits." Her eyes drifted, then focused on Jasper's face.
"There's nothing else?"She shook her head. They looked at each other, motionless.
"What does it mean?" I asked.
Neither of them answered for a moment, then Jasper looked at me.
"It means the tracker's plans have changed. He's made a decision thatwill lead him to the mirror room, and the dark room.""But we don't know where those rooms are?""No.""But we do know that he won't be in the mountains north of Washington,being hunted. He'll elude56 them." Alice's voice was bleak57.
"Should we call?" I asked. They traded a serious look, undecided.
And the phone rang.
Alice was across the room before I could lift my head to look at it.
She pushed a button and held the phone to her ear, but she didn't speakfirst.
"Carlisle," she breathed. She didn't seem surprised or relieved, the wayI felt.
"Yes," she said, glancing at me. She listened for a long moment.
"I just saw him." She described again the vision she'd seen. "Whatevermade him get on that plane… it was leading him to those rooms." Shepaused. "Yes," Alice said into the phone, and then she spoke58 to me.
"Bella?"She held the phone out toward me. I ran to it.
"Hello?" I breathed.
"Bella," Edward said.
"Oh, Edward! I was so worried.""Bella," he sighed in frustration59, "I told you not to worry aboutanything but yourself." It was so unbelievably good to hear his voice. Ifelt the hovering60 cloud of despair lighten and drift back as he spoke.
"Where are you?""We're outside of Vancouver. Bella, I'm sorry — we lost him. He seemssuspicious of us — he's careful to stay just far enough away that I can'thear what he's thinking. But he's gone now — it looks like he got on aplane. We think he's heading back to Forks to start over." I could hearAlice filling in Jasper behind me, her quick words blurring61 together intoa humming noise.
"I know. Alice saw that he got away." "You don't have to worry, though. He won't find anything to lead him toyou. You just have to stay there and wait till we find him again.""I'll be fine. Is Esme with Charlie?""Yes — the female has been in town. She went to the house, but whileCharlie was at work. She hasn't gone near him, so don't be afraid. He'ssafe with Esme and Rosalie watching.""What is she doing?""Probably trying to pick up the trail. She's been all through the townduring the night. Rosalie traced her through the airport, all the roadsaround town, the school… she's digging, Bella, but there's nothing tofind.""And you're sure Charlie's safe?""Yes, Esme won't let him out of her sight. And we'll be there soon. Ifthe tracker gets anywhere near Forks, we'll have him.""I miss you," I whispered.
"I know, Bella. Believe me, I know. It's like you've taken half my selfaway with you.""Come and get it, then," I challenged.
"Soon, as soon as I possibly can. I will make you safe first." His voicewas hard.
"I love you," I reminded him.
"Could you believe that, despite everything I've put you through, I loveyou, too?""Yes, I can, actually.""I'll come for you soon.""I'll be waiting."As soon as the phone went dead, the cloud of depression began to creepover me again.
I turned to give the phone back to Alice and found her and Jasper bentover the table, where Alice was sketching63 on a piece of hotel stationery64.
I leaned on the back of the couch, looking over her shoulder.
She drew a room: long, rectangular, with a thinner, square section at theback. The wooden planks65 that made up the floor stretched lengthwiseacross the room. Down the walls were lines denoting the breaks in themirrors. And then, wrapping around the walls, waist high, a long band.
The band Alice said was gold.
"It's a ballet studio," I said, suddenly recognizing the familiar shapes.
They looked at me, surprised.
"Do you know this room?" Jasper's voice sounded calm, but there was anundercurrent of something I couldn't identify. Alice bent62 her head to herwork, her hand flying across the page now, the shape of an emergency exittaking shape against the back wall, the stereo and TV on a low table bythe front right corner.
"It looks like a place I used to go for dance lessons — when I was eightor nine. It was shaped just the same." I touched the page where thesquare section jutted66 out, narrowing the back part of the room. "That'swhere the bathrooms were — the doors were through the other dance floor.
But the stereo was here" — I pointed45 to the left corner — "it was older,and there wasn't a TV. There was a window in the waiting room — you would see the room from this perspective if you looked through it."Alice and Jasper were staring at me.
"Are you sure it's the same room?" Jasper asked, still calm.
"No, not at all — I suppose most dance studios would look the same — themirrors, the bar." I traced my finger along the ballet bar set againstthe mirrors. "It's just the shape that looked familiar." I touched thedoor, set in exactly the same place as the one I remembered.
"Would you have any reason to go there now?" Alice asked, breaking myreverie.
"No, I haven't been there in almost ten years. I was a terrible dancer —they always put me in the back for recitals," I admitted.
"So there's no way it could be connected with you?" Alice asked intently.
"No, I don't even think the same person owns it. I'm sure it's justanother dance studio, somewhere.""Where was the studio you went to?" Jasper asked in a casual voice.
"It was just around the corner from my mom's house. I used to walk thereafter school…" I said, my voice trailing off. I didn't miss the look theyexchanged.
"Here in Phoenix, then?" His voice was still casual.
"Yes," I whispered. "Fifty-eighth Street and Cactus67."We all sat in silence, staring at the drawing.
"Alice, is that phone safe?""Yes," she reassured68 me. "The number would just trace back to Washington.""Then I can use it to call my mom.""I thought she was in Florida.""She is — but she's coming home soon, and she can't come back to thathouse while…" My voice trembled. I was thinking about something Edwardhad said, about the red-haired female at Charlie's house, at the school,where my records would be.
"How will you reach her?""They don't have a permanent number except at the house — she's supposedto check her messages regularly.""Jasper?" Alice asked.
He thought about it. "I don't think there's any way it could hurt — besure you don't say where you are, of course."I reached eagerly for the phone and dialed the familiar number. It rangfour times, and then I heard my mom's breezy voice telling me to leave amessage.
"Mom," I said after the beep, "it's me. Listen, I need you to dosomething. It's important. As soon as you get this message, call me atthis number." Alice was already at my side, writing the number for me onthe bottom of her picture. I read it carefully, twice. "Please don't goanywhere until you talk to me. Don't worry, I'm okay, but I have to talkto you right away, no matter how late you get this call, all right? Ilove you, Mom. Bye." I closed my eyes and prayed with all my might thatno unforeseen change of plans would bring her home before she got mymessage.
I settled into the sofa, nibbling69 on a plate of leftover70 fruit, anticipating a long evening. I thought about calling Charlie, but Iwasn't sure if I should be home by now or not. I concentrated on thenews, watching out for stories about Florida, or about spring training —strikes or hurricanes or terrorist attacks — anything that might sendthem home early.
Immortality71 must grant endless patience. Neither Jasper nor Alice seemedto feel the need to do anything at all. For a while, Alice sketched72 thevague outline of the dark room from her vision, as much as she could seein the light from the TV. But when she was done, she simply sat, lookingat the blank walls with her timeless eyes. Jasper, too, seemed to have nourge to pace, or peek73 through the curtains, or run screaming out thedoor, the way I did.
I must have fallen asleep on the couch, waiting for the phone to ringagain. The touch of Alice's cold hands woke me briefly74 as she carried meto the bed, but I was unconscious again before my head hit the pillow.


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  • I was abruptly notified that a half-hour speech was expected of me.我突然被通知要讲半个小时的话。
24 soothing soothing     
  • Put on some nice soothing music.播放一些柔和舒缓的音乐。
  • His casual, relaxed manner was very soothing.他随意而放松的举动让人很快便平静下来。
25 lethal D3LyB     
  • A hammer can be a lethal weapon.铁锤可以是致命的武器。
  • She took a lethal amount of poison and died.她服了致命剂量的毒药死了。
26 gulped 4873fe497201edc23bc8dcb50aa6eb2c     
v.狼吞虎咽地吃,吞咽( gulp的过去式和过去分词 );大口地吸(气);哽住
  • He gulped down the rest of his tea and went out. 他把剩下的茶一饮而尽便出去了。
  • She gulped nervously, as if the question bothered her. 她紧张地咽了一下,似乎那问题把她难住了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
27 jeopardy H3dxd     
  • His foolish behaviour may put his whole future in jeopardy.他愚蠢的行为可能毁了他一生的前程。
  • It is precisely at this juncture that the boss finds himself in double jeopardy.恰恰在这个关键时刻,上司发现自己处于进退两难的境地。
28 touching sg6zQ9     
  • It was a touching sight.这是一幅动人的景象。
  • His letter was touching.他的信很感人。
29 guilt 9e6xr     
  • She tried to cover up her guilt by lying.她企图用谎言掩饰自己的罪行。
  • Don't lay a guilt trip on your child about schoolwork.别因为功课责备孩子而使他觉得很内疚。
30 subsided 1bda21cef31764468020a8c83598cc0d     
v.(土地)下陷(因在地下采矿)( subside的过去式和过去分词 );减弱;下降至较低或正常水平;一下子坐在椅子等上
  • After the heavy rains part of the road subsided. 大雨过后,部分公路塌陷了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • By evening the storm had subsided and all was quiet again. 傍晚, 暴风雨已经过去,四周开始沉寂下来。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
31 intervals f46c9d8b430e8c86dea610ec56b7cbef     
n.[军事]间隔( interval的名词复数 );间隔时间;[数学]区间;(戏剧、电影或音乐会的)幕间休息
  • The forecast said there would be sunny intervals and showers. 预报间晴,有阵雨。
  • Meetings take place at fortnightly intervals. 每两周开一次会。
32 suspense 9rJw3     
  • The suspense was unbearable.这样提心吊胆的状况实在叫人受不了。
  • The director used ingenious devices to keep the audience in suspense.导演用巧妙手法引起观众的悬念。
33 randomly cktzBM     
  • Within the hot gas chamber, molecules are moving randomly in all directions. 在灼热的气体燃烧室内,分子在各个方向上作无规运动。 来自辞典例句
  • Transformed cells are loosely attached, rounded and randomly oriented. 转化细胞则不大贴壁、圆缩并呈杂乱分布。 来自辞典例句
34 hovered d194b7e43467f867f4b4380809ba6b19     
鸟( hover的过去式和过去分词 ); 靠近(某事物); (人)徘徊; 犹豫
  • A hawk hovered over the hill. 一只鹰在小山的上空翱翔。
  • A hawk hovered in the blue sky. 一只老鹰在蓝色的天空中翱翔。
35 supervision hr6wv     
  • The work was done under my supervision.这项工作是在我的监督之下完成的。
  • The old man's will was executed under the personal supervision of the lawyer.老人的遗嘱是在律师的亲自监督下执行的。
36 casually UwBzvw     
  • She remarked casually that she was changing her job.她当时漫不经心地说要换工作。
  • I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad.我不经意地提到我可能会对出国工作感兴趣。
37 ambush DNPzg     
  • Our soldiers lay in ambush in the jungle for the enemy.我方战士埋伏在丛林中等待敌人。
  • Four men led by a sergeant lay in ambush at the crossroads.由一名中士率领的四名士兵埋伏在十字路口。
38 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
39 vampire 8KMzR     
  • It wasn't a wife waiting there for him but a blood sucking vampire!家里的不是个老婆,而是个吸人血的妖精!
  • Children were afraid to go to sleep at night because of the many legends of vampire.由于听过许多有关吸血鬼的传说,孩子们晚上不敢去睡觉。
40 ambivalent Wx4zV     
  • She remained ambivalent about her marriage.她对于自己的婚事仍然拿不定主意。
  • Although she professed fear of the Russians,she seemed to have ambivalent feelings toward Philby himself.虽然她承认害怕俄国人,然而她似乎对菲尔比本人有一种矛盾的感情。
41 predators 48b965855934a5395e409c1112d94f63     
n.食肉动物( predator的名词复数 );奴役他人者(尤指在财务或性关系方面)
  • birds and their earthbound predators 鸟和地面上捕食它们的动物
  • The eyes of predators are highly sensitive to the slightest movement. 捕食性动物的眼睛能感觉到最细小的动静。 来自《简明英汉词典》
42 glut rflxv     
  • The glut of coffee led to a sharp drop in prices.咖啡供过于求道致价格急剧下跌。
  • There's a glut of agricultural products in Western Europe.西欧的农产品供过于求。
43 arsenal qNPyF     
  • Even the workers at the arsenal have got a secret organization.兵工厂工人暗中也有组织。
  • We must be the great arsenal of democracy.我们必须成为民主的大军火库。
44 prey g1czH     
  • Stronger animals prey on weaker ones.弱肉强食。
  • The lion was hunting for its prey.狮子在寻找猎物。
45 pointed Il8zB4     
  • He gave me a very sharp pointed pencil.他给我一支削得非常尖的铅笔。
  • She wished to show Mrs.John Dashwood by this pointed invitation to her brother.她想通过对达茨伍德夫人提出直截了当的邀请向她的哥哥表示出来。
46 pointedly JlTzBc     
  • She yawned and looked pointedly at her watch. 她打了个哈欠,又刻意地看了看手表。
  • The demand for an apology was pointedly refused. 让对方道歉的要求遭到了断然拒绝。 来自《简明英汉词典》
47 ominous Xv6y5     
  • Those black clouds look ominous for our picnic.那些乌云对我们的野餐来说是个不祥之兆。
  • There was an ominous silence at the other end of the phone.电话那头出现了不祥的沉默。
48 superfluous EU6zf     
  • She fined away superfluous matter in the design. 她删去了这图案中多余的东西。
  • That request seemed superfluous when I wrote it.我这样写的时候觉得这个请求似乎是多此一举。
49 venom qLqzr     
  • The snake injects the venom immediately after biting its prey.毒蛇咬住猎物之后马上注入毒液。
  • In fact,some components of the venom may benefit human health.事实上,毒液的某些成分可能有益于人类健康。
50 glistening glistening     
adj.闪耀的,反光的v.湿物闪耀,闪亮( glisten的现在分词 )
  • Her eyes were glistening with tears. 她眼里闪着晶莹的泪花。
  • Her eyes were glistening with tears. 她眼睛中的泪水闪着柔和的光。 来自《用法词典》
51 transformation SnFwO     
  • Going to college brought about a dramatic transformation in her outlook.上大学使她的观念发生了巨大的变化。
  • He was struggling to make the transformation from single man to responsible husband.他正在努力使自己由单身汉变为可靠的丈夫。
52 conversion UZPyI     
  • He underwent quite a conversion.他彻底变了。
  • Waste conversion is a part of the production process.废物处理是生产过程的一个组成部分。
53 frenzy jQbzs     
  • He was able to work the young students up into a frenzy.他能激起青年学生的狂热。
  • They were singing in a frenzy of joy.他们欣喜若狂地高声歌唱。
54 meditations f4b300324e129a004479aa8f4c41e44a     
默想( meditation的名词复数 ); 默念; 沉思; 冥想
  • Each sentence seems a quarry of rich meditations. 每一句话似乎都给人以许多冥思默想。
  • I'm sorry to interrupt your meditations. 我很抱歉,打断你思考问题了。
55 exclamation onBxZ     
  • He could not restrain an exclamation of approval.他禁不住喝一声采。
  • The author used three exclamation marks at the end of the last sentence to wake up the readers.作者在文章的最后一句连用了三个惊叹号,以引起读者的注意。
56 elude hjuzc     
  • If you chase it,it will elude you.如果你追逐着它, 它会躲避你。
  • I had dared and baffled his fury.I must elude his sorrow.我曾经面对过他的愤怒,并且把它挫败了;现在我必须躲避他的悲哀。
57 bleak gtWz5     
  • They showed me into a bleak waiting room.他们引我来到一间阴冷的会客室。
  • The company's prospects look pretty bleak.这家公司的前景异常暗淡。
58 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
59 frustration 4hTxj     
  • He had to fight back tears of frustration.他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration.他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
60 hovering 99fdb695db3c202536060470c79b067f     
鸟( hover的现在分词 ); 靠近(某事物); (人)徘徊; 犹豫
  • The helicopter was hovering about 100 metres above the pad. 直升机在离发射台一百米的上空盘旋。
  • I'm hovering between the concert and the play tonight. 我犹豫不决今晚是听音乐会还是看戏。
61 blurring e5be37d075d8bb967bd24d82a994208d     
n.模糊,斑点甚多,(图像的)混乱v.(使)变模糊( blur的现在分词 );(使)难以区分
  • Retinal hemorrhage, and blurring of the optic dise cause visual disturbances. 视网膜出血及神经盘模糊等可导致视力障碍。 来自辞典例句
  • In other ways the Bible limited Puritan writing, blurring and deadening the pages. 另一方面,圣经又限制了清教时期的作品,使它们显得晦涩沉闷。 来自辞典例句
62 bent QQ8yD     
  • He was fully bent upon the project.他一心扑在这项计划上。
  • We bent over backward to help them.我们尽了最大努力帮助他们。
63 sketching 2df579f3d044331e74dce85d6a365dd7     
  • They are sketching out proposals for a new road. 他们正在草拟修建新路的计划。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • "Imagination is busy sketching rose-tinted pictures of joy. “飞舞驰骋的想象描绘出一幅幅玫瑰色欢乐的场景。 来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险
64 stationery ku6wb     
  • She works in the stationery department of a big store.她在一家大商店的文具部工作。
  • There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.文具一多,心里自会觉得踏实。
65 planks 534a8a63823ed0880db6e2c2bc03ee4a     
(厚)木板( plank的名词复数 ); 政纲条目,政策要点
  • The house was built solidly of rough wooden planks. 这房子是用粗木板牢固地建造的。
  • We sawed the log into planks. 我们把木头锯成了木板。
66 jutted 24c546c23e927de0beca5ea56f7fb23f     
v.(使)突出( jut的过去式和过去分词 );伸出;(从…)突出;高出
  • A row of small windows jutted out from the roof. 有一排小窗户从房顶上突出来。
  • His jaw jutted stubbornly forward; he would not be denied. 他固执地扬起下巴,一副不肯罢休的样子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
67 cactus Cs1zF     
  • It was the first year that the cactus had produced flowers.这是这棵仙人掌第一年开花。
  • The giant cactus is the vegetable skycraper.高大的仙人掌是植物界巨人。
68 reassured ff7466d942d18e727fb4d5473e62a235     
adj.使消除疑虑的;使放心的v.再保证,恢复信心( reassure的过去式和过去分词)
  • The captain's confidence during the storm reassured the passengers. 在风暴中船长的信念使旅客们恢复了信心。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • The doctor reassured the old lady. 医生叫那位老妇人放心。 来自《简明英汉词典》
69 nibbling 610754a55335f7412ddcddaf447d7d54     
v.啃,一点一点地咬(吃)( nibble的现在分词 );啃出(洞),一点一点咬出(洞);慢慢减少;小口咬
  • We sat drinking wine and nibbling olives. 我们坐在那儿,喝着葡萄酒嚼着橄榄。
  • He was nibbling on the apple. 他在啃苹果。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
70 leftover V97zC     
  • These narrow roads are a leftover from the days of horse-drawn carriages.这些小道是从马车时代沿用下来的。
  • Wonder if that bakery lets us take leftover home.不知道那家糕饼店会不会让我们把卖剩的带回家。
71 immortality hkuys     
  • belief in the immortality of the soul 灵魂不灭的信念
  • It was like having immortality while you were still alive. 仿佛是当你仍然活着的时候就得到了永生。
72 sketched 7209bf19355618c1eb5ca3c0fdf27631     
  • The historical article sketched the major events of the decade. 这篇有关历史的文章概述了这十年中的重大事件。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He sketched the situation in a few vivid words. 他用几句生动的语言简述了局势。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
73 peek ULZxW     
  • Larry takes a peek out of the window.赖瑞往窗外偷看了一下。
  • Cover your eyes and don't peek.捂上眼睛,别偷看。
74 briefly 9Styo     
  • I want to touch briefly on another aspect of the problem.我想简单地谈一下这个问题的另一方面。
  • He was kidnapped and briefly detained by a terrorist group.他被一个恐怖组织绑架并短暂拘禁。
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