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philtrum 人中
This term refers to the vertical1 groove2 between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip. Interestingly, it comes from the Latin word philtrum which initially3 meant 'love-potion' or 'love-charm' and only started being used in English for the body part in the 17th century.
gowpen 碗状(两手靠拢形成)
This is the hollow that is formed when the two hands are placed together to create a bowl shape. It originates from the Old Norse gaupn.
hallux 大脚趾
It stems from Latin and began to be commonly used in the mid-19th century. On the opposite side (of the foot), the little toe is called the minimus.
purlicue “虎口”距(食指与拇指间的空隙)
Although a rare word, purlicue is a term for the space between the forefinger4 and thumb, originally used in the North of England. It's thought to derive5 from the Scots term pirlie, meaning 'curly' or 'twisted', and is also used as a synonym6 for curlicue: a term in calligraphy7 to describe curls in a person's writing.
fraenum 系带
A fraenum is a small ligament that restricts movement between body parts. The most obvious example is the fraenum which attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, or the lip to the gum. It comes from the Latin fraenum which meant 'bridle8' - that same idea of restrained movement. It is also spelled frenum, and the more common term is frenulum.
uvula 小舌
The uvula is the fleshy extension that hangs at the back of the mouth above the opening of the throat. This is a body part that we share with some other primates9; for instance, baboons10 have small, underdeveloped uvulae. The uvula helps to close the nasopharynx during swallowing, so that no food can enter the nasal passage. It also causes the initiation11 of the gag reflex if stimulated12, and is also used to articulate a range of sounds in speech, such as the guttural R used in French.
gynaecomastia 男性乳房
The technical medical term for what some might refer to in everyday conversation as 'man boobs' or 'moobs' - or, rather, the condition that causes the swelling13 of a man's breast tissue, usually caused by hormone14 therapy or imbalance.
canthus 眼角
Stemming from Latin, and from the Greek word kanthos, this word refers to the point in the inner or outer corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids15 meet. It was first used in the mid-17th century.
gnathion 颔下点
This is the lowest point of the jawbone, so the most outward pointing part of the chin. It comes from the Greek word for 'jaw16' with the -ion suffix17 added to it, and only came into usage in the late 19th century.
glabella 印堂
The glabella is the smooth part of the forehead, between and directly above the eyebrows18. The term comes from the Latin glaber, meaning 'without hair, smooth, bald'. It is used medically to test for dehydration19, as the skin becomes wrinkled and shrivelled when dehydrated.


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  • The northern side of the mountain is almost vertical.这座山的北坡几乎是垂直的。
  • Vertical air motions are not measured by this system.垂直气流的运动不用这种系统来测量。
2 groove JeqzD     
  • They're happy to stay in the same old groove.他们乐于墨守成规。
  • The cupboard door slides open along the groove.食橱门沿槽移开。
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  • The ban was initially opposed by the US.这一禁令首先遭到美国的反对。
  • Feathers initially developed from insect scales.羽毛最初由昆虫的翅瓣演化而来。
4 forefinger pihxt     
  • He pinched the leaf between his thumb and forefinger.他将叶子捏在拇指和食指之间。
  • He held it between the tips of his thumb and forefinger.他用他大拇指和食指尖拿着它。
5 derive hmLzH     
  • We derive our sustenance from the land.我们从土地获取食物。
  • We shall derive much benefit from reading good novels.我们将从优秀小说中获得很大好处。
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  • Zhuge Liang is a synonym for wisdom in folklore.诸葛亮在民间传说中成了智慧的代名词。
  • The term 'industrial democracy' is often used as a synonym for worker participation. “工业民主”这个词常被用作“工人参与”的同义词。
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10 baboons 2ea074fed3eb47c5bc3098d84f7bc946     
n.狒狒( baboon的名词复数 )
  • Baboons could break branches and leaders. 狒狒会折断侧枝和顶梢。 来自辞典例句
  • And as nonprimates, they provoke fewer ethical and safety-related concerns than chimps or baboons. 而且作为非灵长类,就不会产生像用黑猩猩或狒狒那样的伦理和安全方面的顾虑。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 医学的第四次革命
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  • her initiation into the world of marketing 她的初次涉足营销界
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  • The award has stimulated her into working still harder. 奖金促使她更加努力地工作。
13 swelling OUzzd     
  • Use ice to reduce the swelling. 用冰敷消肿。
  • There is a marked swelling of the lymph nodes. 淋巴结处有明显的肿块。
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  • Hormone implants are used as growth boosters.激素植入物被用作生长辅助剂。
  • This hormone interacts closely with other hormones in the body.这种荷尔蒙与体內其他荷尔蒙紧密地相互作用。
15 eyelids 86ece0ca18a95664f58bda5de252f4e7     
n.眼睑( eyelid的名词复数 );眼睛也不眨一下;不露声色;面不改色
  • She was so tired, her eyelids were beginning to droop. 她太疲倦了,眼睑开始往下垂。
  • Her eyelids drooped as if she were on the verge of sleep. 她眼睑低垂好像快要睡着的样子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
16 jaw 5xgy9     
  • He delivered a right hook to his opponent's jaw.他给了对方下巴一记右钩拳。
  • A strong square jaw is a sign of firm character.强健的方下巴是刚毅性格的标志。
17 suffix AhMzMc     
  • We add the suffix "ly" to make the adjective "quick" into the adverb " quickly ".我们在形容词“ quick”后加“ly” 构成副词“quickly”。
  • It described the meaning of suffix array and also how to built it.它描述的含义,后缀数组以及如何建立它。
18 eyebrows a0e6fb1330e9cfecfd1c7a4d00030ed5     
眉毛( eyebrow的名词复数 )
  • Eyebrows stop sweat from coming down into the eyes. 眉毛挡住汗水使其不能流进眼睛。
  • His eyebrows project noticeably. 他的眉毛特别突出。
19 dehydration UYkzX     
  • He died from severe dehydration.他死于严重脱水。
  • The eyes are often retracted from dehydration.眼睛常因脱水而凹陷。
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