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铝轮冒口切断机 Overflow1 cutting machines for aluminium2 wheels

离心压力机 Presses,eccentric

六角立式铣床 Milling machines,turret vertical3

六角车床 Lathes5,turret

螺栓,螺帽及螺丝 Bolts,screws & nuts

螺纹磨床 Grinders,thread

冷却机 Coolers

冷锻 Forging,cold

冷锻冲压机 Presses,cold forging

立式双柱加工中心 Machining centers,vertical double-column type

立式铣床 Milling machines,vertical

立式油压拉床 Vertical hydraulic6 broaching7 machine

立式刨床 Planing machines vertical

立式车床 Lathes,vertical

立式带锯 Saws,vertical band

立式加工中心 Machining centers,vertical

立式及卧式铣床 Milling machines,vertical & horizontal

立式钻床 Drilling machines,vertical

联轴器 Coupling

连续溶解保温炉 Aluminum8 continuous melting & holding furnaces

连续冲模 Dies-progressive

链传动 Chain drive

切断机 Cutting-off machines

CNC刀杆 CNC toolings

曲柄压力机 presses,crank

修整机 Finishing machines

舍弃式刀头 Disposable toolholder bits

润滑系统 Lubrication Systems

润滑液 Lubricants

熔热处理炉 Heating treatment funaces

三爪、分割工具头 3-Jaws indexing spacers

伺服冲床 Presses,servo

输送链 Conveying chains

手工具 Hand tools

砂轮修整器 Wheel dressers

蚀刻机 Etching machines

外圆磨床 Grinding machines,cylindrical

搪磨机 Honing machines

搪孔头 Boring heads

卧式铣床 Milling machines,horizontal

卧式带锯 Saws,horizontal band

卧式加工中心 Machining centers,horizontal

卧式及立式加工中心 Machining centers,horizontal & vertical

万能铣床 Milling machines,universal

万能磨床 Grinding machines,universal

镗床 Boring machines

弯曲机 Bending machines

弯管机 Tube bending machines

通用加工中心 Machining centers,general

铜锻 Forging,copper

铣头 Milling heads

铣床 Milling machines

无心磨床 Grinding machines,centerless

无心精研机 Lapping machines,centerless

压模 Pressing dies

压铸冲模 Die casting dies

压铸机 Die casting machines

油冷却器 Oil coolers

造链机 Chain making tools

造线机 Cable making tools

造钉机 Nail making machines

印刷电器板油压冲孔脱料系统 PCB fine piecing systems

摇臂钻床 Drilling machines,radial

硬(软)板(片)材及自由发泡板机组 Hard/soft and free expansion sheet making plant

辗压机 Rolling machines

液压元件 Hydraulic components9

液压冲床 Presses,hydraulic

液压动力元件 Hydraulic power units

液压工具 Hydraulic power tools

液压回转缸 Hydraulic rotary10 cylinders11

P型PVC高分子防水 P type PVC waterproof12 rolled sheet making plant

刨床 Planing machines

牛头刨床 Shapers

其他铸造 Casting,other

其他锻造 Forging,other

模芯 Mold core

模具 Molds

模具维修 Mold repair

模具打磨/磨纹 Mold polishing/texturing

模具单元 Mold & die components

模具加热器/冷却器 Mold heaters/chillers

磨轮 Grinding wheels

磨削工具 Grinding tools

磨床 Grinding machines

磨床工作台 Grinder bench

平衡设备 Balancing equipment

气油压虎钳 Pneumatic hydraulic clamps

气动冲床 Presses,pneumatic

气动工具 Pneumatic power tools


轴承 Bearings

轴承配件 Bearing fittings

轴承加工机 Bearing processing equipment

肘杆式压力机 Presses,knuckle joint14

铸铝 Casting,aluminium

铸铜 Casting,copper

铸造设备 Foundry equipment

铸钢 Casting,steel

铸灰口铁 Casting,gray iron

织麦激光切割机 Woven-Cutting machines

重力铸造机 Gravity casting machines

重型车床 Lathes,heavy-duty

主轴 spindles

扳手 Wrenches15

拔丝机 Drawing machines

保温炉 Heat preserving furnaces

插床 Slotting machines

齿轮 Gears

齿轮切削机 Gear cutting machines

冲压机 Stamping parts

冲子研磨器 Punch formers

超声波打磨机 Grinders,ultrasonic

车床工作台 Lathe4 bench

磁性工具 Magnetic tools

传动链 Transmitted chains

床身式铣床 Milling machines,bed type

带传动 Belt drive

带锯 Saws,band

带锯床 Sawing machines,band

电脑数控镗床 CNC boring machines

电脑数控弯折机 CNC bending presses

电脑数控铣床 CNC milling machines

电脑数控线切削机 CNC wire-cutting machines

电脑数控磨床 CNC grinding machines

电脑数控车床 CNC lathes

电脑数控电火花线切削机 CNC EDM wire-cutting machines

电脑数控电火花机 CNC electric discharge machines

电脑数控雕刻机 CNC engraving16 machines

电脑数控机床配件 CNC machine tool fittings

电脑数控剪切机 CNC shearing17 machines

电脑数控钻床 CNC drilling machines

电动刀具 Electric power tools

电火花机 Electric discharge machines(EDM)

雕刻机 Engraving machines

刀片 Blades

刀具 Cutters

倒角机 Chamfer machines

多轴钻床 Drilling machines,multi-spindle

锻铝 Forging,aluminium

锻压机 Presses,forging

锻模 Forging dies

仿形铣床 Milling machines,duplicating

粉末冶金成型机 Powder metallurgic forming machines

反射炉 Reverberatory18 furnaces

钢锻 Forging,steel

高速车床 Lathes,high-speed

高速钻床 Drilling machines,high-speed

管筒制造机 Pipe & tube making machines

滚筒 Rollers

工具磨床 Grinders,tools & cutters

攻螺丝机 Tapping machines

弓锯 Saws,hack

虎钳 Vises

换模系统 Mold changing systems

夹盘 Chucks

夹具 Fixture19

夹具/支持系统 Clamping/holding systems

剪切机 Shearing machines

加工中心机刀库 A.T.C.system

激光切割 Laser cutting

激光雕刻机 Engraving machines,laser

激光钢板切割机 Laser cutting for SMT stensil

集合管 Manifolds

矫直机 Straightening machines

金属板成型机 Sheet metal forming machines

金属板加工机 Sheet metal working machines

锯片 Blades,saw

锯床 Sawing machines

卷边工具 Crimping tools

晶圆切割机 Dicing saws

精密平口钳 Vises,tool-maker

精研机 Lapping machines

可锻铸铁 Casting,malleable iron

快速换模系统 Quick mold change systems

卡口 Bayonet

开关及按钮 Switches & buttons

钻石刀具 Diamond cutters

钻头 drills

钻模 Jigs

钻床 Drilling machines

钻床工作台 Drilling machines bench

自动压力机 Presses,transfer

自动车床 Lathes,automatic

注油机 Lubricators

转台 Rotary tables


1 overflow fJOxZ     
  • The overflow from the bath ran on to the floor.浴缸里的水溢到了地板上。
  • After a long period of rain,the river may overflow its banks.长时间的下雨天后,河水可能溢出岸来。
2 aluminium uLjyc     
n.铝 (=aluminum)
  • Aluminium looks heavy but actually it is very light.铝看起来很重,实际上却很轻。
  • If necessary, we can use aluminium instead of steel.如果必要,我们可用铝代钢。
3 vertical ZiywU     
  • The northern side of the mountain is almost vertical.这座山的北坡几乎是垂直的。
  • Vertical air motions are not measured by this system.垂直气流的运动不用这种系统来测量。
4 lathe Bk2yG     
  • Gradually she learned to operate a lathe.她慢慢地学会了开车床。
  • That lathe went out of order at times.那台车床有时发生故障。
5 lathes cd4be0c134cfc2d344542ceda5ac462c     
车床( lathe的名词复数 )
  • They showed keen interest in the various lathes on exhibition. 他们对展出中的各类车床表现出了浓厚的兴趣。
  • To automate the control process of the lathes has become very easy today. 使机床的控制过程自动化现已变得很容易了。
6 hydraulic AcDzt     
  • The boat has no fewer than five hydraulic pumps.这艘船配有不少于5个液压泵。
  • A group of apprentics were operating the hydraulic press.一群学徒正在开动水压机。
7 broaching d6447387a8414cfd97c31c74c711a22f     
n.拉削;推削;铰孔;扩孔v.谈起( broach的现在分词 );打开并开始用;用凿子扩大(或修光);(在桶上)钻孔取液体
  • Before broaching the subject of this lecture, I should like to recall that the discoveries of radium and of polonium were made by Pierre Curie in collaboration with me. 在开始讨论这次演讲的话题之前,我还想回忆一下,镭和钋发现是皮埃尔·居里与我合作完成的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • A: Can you use broaching to make a gear? 你能用拉削技术制作齿轮吗? 来自互联网
8 aluminum 9xhzP     
  • The aluminum sheets cannot be too much thicker than 0.04 inches.铝板厚度不能超过0.04英寸。
  • During the launch phase,it would ride in a protective aluminum shell.在发射阶段,它盛在一只保护的铝壳里。
9 components 4725dcf446a342f1473a8228e42dfa48     
(机器、设备等的)构成要素,零件,成分; 成分( component的名词复数 ); [物理化学]组分; [数学]分量; (混合物的)组成部分
  • the components of a machine 机器部件
  • Our chemistry teacher often reduces a compound to its components in lab. 在实验室中化学老师常把化合物分解为各种成分。
10 rotary fXsxE     
  • The central unit is a rotary drum.核心设备是一个旋转的滚筒。
  • A rotary table helps to optimize the beam incidence angle.一张旋转的桌子有助于将光线影响之方式角最佳化。
11 cylinders fd0c4aab3548ce77958c1502f0bc9692     
n.圆筒( cylinder的名词复数 );圆柱;汽缸;(尤指用作容器的)圆筒状物
  • They are working on all cylinders to get the job finished. 他们正在竭尽全力争取把这工作干完。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • That jeep has four cylinders. 那辆吉普车有4个汽缸。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 waterproof Ogvwp     
  • My mother bought me a waterproof watch.我妈妈给我买了一块防水手表。
  • All the electronics are housed in a waterproof box.所有电子设备都储放在一个防水盒中。
13 shafts 8a8cb796b94a20edda1c592a21399c6b     
n.轴( shaft的名词复数 );(箭、高尔夫球棒等的)杆;通风井;一阵(疼痛、害怕等)
  • He deliberately jerked the shafts to rock him a bit. 他故意的上下颠动车把,摇这个老猴子几下。 来自汉英文学 - 骆驼祥子
  • Shafts were sunk, with tunnels dug laterally. 竖井已经打下,并且挖有横向矿道。 来自辞典例句
14 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
15 wrenches 238611407049b765eb73fb72376ef016     
n.一拧( wrench的名词复数 );(身体关节的)扭伤;扳手;(尤指离别的)悲痛v.(猛力地)扭( wrench的第三人称单数 );扭伤;使感到痛苦;使悲痛
  • NEVER use wrenches or other persuaders to operate the valve. 禁止使用扳手或其它强制性工具来操作阀门。 来自互联网
  • Thus, torque wrenches should be used for tightening DISS connections. 因此,应该使用转矩扳手来上紧DISS接头。 来自互联网
16 engraving 4tyzmn     
n.版画;雕刻(作品);雕刻艺术;镌版术v.在(硬物)上雕刻(字,画等)( engrave的现在分词 );将某事物深深印在(记忆或头脑中)
  • He collected an old engraving of London Bridge. 他收藏了一张古老的伦敦桥版画。 来自辞典例句
  • Some writing has the precision of a steel engraving. 有的字体严谨如同钢刻。 来自辞典例句
17 shearing 3cd312405f52385b91c03df30d2ce730     
n.剪羊毛,剪取的羊毛v.剪羊毛( shear的现在分词 );切断;剪切
  • The farmer is shearing his sheep. 那农夫正在给他的羊剪毛。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The result of this shearing force is to push the endoplasm forward. 这种剪切力作用的结果是推动内质向前。 来自辞典例句
18 reverberatory 054caae4a4e20236fc6abc9ee6b11732     
回响的; 反射的; 反焰的; 反射炉的
  • The technics of the vertical furnace and reverberatory furnace is introduced in this paper. 介绍了竖炉-反射炉联合作业工艺。
  • A kind of environmental protection fuel melting copper reverberatory furnace with spray nozzle is introduced. 介绍一种环保型喷嘴燃油熔铜反射炉,利用炉盖式套管提升机构实现封闭式熔炼。
19 fixture hjKxo     
  • Lighting fixture must be installed at once.必须立即安装照明设备。
  • The cordless kettle may now be a fixture in most kitchens.无绳电热水壶现在可能是多数厨房的固定设备。