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A difficult or abusive1) boss can poison2) the best of jobs.But you are not powerless;before you even consider quitting,try the boss-taming strategies below.

  CHANGE YOUR OWN WAYS Few people are randomly1 violent.They blow up on particular occasions over particular issues.Track your boss's peeves3) and patterns,then eliminate the triggers within your control.For example,if he snarls3 when you arrive just five minutes late to work or make one type on a memo,avoid these slipups4) no matter how trivial they seem.If one of your coworkers manages your boss's moods skillfully,ask him what you could be doing more effectively,then borrow a few of his moves.

  STAY COOL UNDER FIRE Respond to the content of your boss's tirade,not the curses.Whatever you do,don't cower,stammer or apologize.Some people get off on brutalizing5) others,and passivity makes you a target.Respond confidently:Say“I'd like to put together a report that will satisfy you.Let's discuss how I can make that happen.”

  USE CONSTRUCTIVE4 CONFRONTATION5 Your boss may be more willing to change his behavior than you think.Some managers don't realize how much their words or actions upset staffers.Tell him how his out-bursts make you feel.Say,for example,“When you call me names and criticize my work in meetings I feel demoralized6)。Please address me respectfully and take me aside to discuss criticisms in private.”If he values your work,he may rein6 in his abusiveness.

  APPEAL TO A HIGHER AUTHORITY If your boss becomes intolerably abusive,you may have to go above his head to your personnel department or senior manager.But before you take this course,discreetly7) ask coworkers if they've clashed with your boss in the past.Ideally,they will back you up and permit you to mention their names when you make your charges.That way,you can bring a pattern of behavior to management's attention.Begin by asking,“Can I have a discussion with you off the record?”Then cite examples that show how your boss's treatment negatively affects your performance.Make it clear that you want to improve the situation,not punish your boss.If discipline is what he needs,let the higher-ups make that call.

by Laurel Touby


  改变你自己的办事方式 很少有人是随意发火的。他们一般是在特定场合因特定的事而发作的。你要摸清你的老板的脾气,并尽可能消除隐患。比如,他为了你上班仅迟到5分钟或打错了一个字便大发雷霆,那么你就要尽量避免这类疏忽,不论它们看起来多么微不足道。如果你的某位同事善于应付老板的情绪,那你就向他请教一下你怎么做才能更为有效,不妨借用他的一些手段。

  在盛怒下保持冷静  只可回应你老板所责骂的事,而不回应他的恶言恶语。不论怎样,都不要畏缩、支吾或抱歉。有些人自认为可以对他人蛮横,而逆来顺受就会使你成为其目标。你要自信地回应说:“我想准备一份令你满意的报告。让我们谈谈我怎么做为好吧”。

  采用建设性的对抗方式  你的老板可能比你所想像的更乐于改变其态度。有些经理并没有认识到他们的言行使下属感到多少不快,可以告诉他,你对他发怒的感受。比如说:“当你在会议上责骂我,批评我的工作时,我感到很沮丧。请尊重我,把我叫到一边私下里提出你的批评。”如果他看重你的工作,他会对自己的谩骂有所收敛的。

  诉诸更高的上级 如果你的老板滥用权力令人难以容忍,你就得越过他直接找人事部门或高级经理。但在你采取这一步骤之前,要谨慎地询问一下同事,他们是否过去也与你的老板有过冲突。他们可能会支持你并且允许你在上告时提到他们的名字。这样你就可以提请公司主管注意你老板的不当行为。你可以这样发问:“我能和你作一次非正式的谈话吗?”然后举例说明你上司的作法如何影响你的工作。你要表明你想改进现状,而非惩罚你的老板。如果你的老板需要纪律约束的话,那就让上级打电话通知他吧。

  abusive adj. 滥用权利的

  poison vt. 败坏,搞砸

  peeve2 n. 气恼, 怨恨

  slipup n. 错误, 失败, 不幸

  brutalize vi. 使……变得蛮横

  demoralized adj. 士气低落的

  discreetly7 adv. 谨慎地, 小心地


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  • Transformed cells are loosely attached, rounded and randomly oriented. 转化细胞则不大贴壁、圆缩并呈杂乱分布。 来自辞典例句
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  • She was in a peeve over it.她对这很气恼。
  • She was very peeved about being left out.她为被遗漏而恼怒。
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n.(动物的)龇牙低吼( snarl的名词复数 );愤怒叫嚷(声);咆哮(声);疼痛叫声v.(指狗)吠,嗥叫, (人)咆哮( snarl的第三人称单数 );咆哮着说,厉声地说
  • I don't know why my hair snarls easily. 我不知道我的头发为什么容易缠结。 来自辞典例句
  • She combed the snarls out of her hair. 她把头发的乱结梳理通。 来自辞典例句
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  • We welcome constructive criticism.我们乐意接受有建设性的批评。
  • He is beginning to deal with his anger in a constructive way.他开始用建设性的方法处理自己的怒气。
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  • Sensing that Lilian wanted to be alone with Celia, Andrew discreetly disappeared. 安德鲁觉得莉莲想同西莉亚单独谈些什么,有意避开了。